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Giving thanks at our 4th annual Global Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Just before Thanksgiving break, close to 100 people gathered at our Opportunity Farm campus to celebrate our 4th annual Global Thanksgiving.  This tradition brings together staff, students, family members and others who cheer the students on as they present their learning about other countries-how much money a typical family spends on weekly groceries, what they typically eat, how income and literacy rates compare across the different countries they’ve elected to study…  This year they chose countries from Africa, Central America, Europe and Asia and prepared dishes representative of each country. Dishes included everything from sushi to cannoli and it was all delightfully delicious.  They wrote research papers on each country, they converted their selected country’s currency to U.S. dollars, they graphed out income and literacy rates and more.  They set a beautiful table, they cooked amazing food, they presented their learning to a large group and they shared their Thanksgiving meal with friends and family from near and far.  A perfect start to the holiday season at Wayfinder Schools and another reason to give thanks for our wonderful community.


Culinary Program at Wayfinder Schools

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Did you know that each of our students learn to plan and prepare meals by taking turns cooking for the whole school each week?  Each student works with our culinary instructors, Cathy and Gina, to plan a week of nutritious meals and to come up with a shopping list that holds to the weekly budget.  They then work with Cathy and Gina to cook for the entire school, multiplying standard recipes to feed the whole group.  In this way, students are learning math, budgeting and culinary arts all at once.  On top of that, they bake their own bread daily, and have learned to can everything from pickles to applesauce.  Just one more way Wayfinder Schools are helping students gain skills and confidence for the future…