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NYC Blog, Day 4 with the Opportunity Farm crew!

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

NYC Student Blog Post-Day 4:

Hi my name is Lindsay. I am the blogger for the 4th day in the big city, NYC! Today we had an amazing opportunity to participate with Meals on Wheels. It was nice to help out the people in need, and get a chance to meet some great people. We got to see Grand Central Station, while enjoying a nice hot drink, and getting a chance to experience the whispering wall. While walking to the Museum of Natural History, we traveled through Central Park. Everybody loved it. We also got to walk through the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, then we did some shopping in Times Square. To end the day we had some good vendor food! It was a tiring but a very fun day!

NYC Blog, Day 3 with the Opportunity Farm crew!

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Student Blog Post-Day 3, Gilbert M. Brown II
So today we started off with going to the Brooklyn Bridge. We got hot coffee and met up with Dottie and Fred. Dustin and Clay had fun trying to feed the birds. Dottie and Fred joined us for the long walk across the bridge. Then we went for a journey to find a bathroom, which took quite a while, but we found one! From there we went and got pizza at Grimaldi’s, which was very tasty. Next we went to the MoMA and had the best art class ever. We got to see Starry Night and Scream. The photo I posted was of The False Mirror, which caught my eye.  I found it intensely interesting. From there we started our way home, catching the subway to 14th, to hop on the path train back to Jersey. We got off at Grove St and walked back home to relax a little bit before dinner and our night circle.

Spring in Camden

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Friday, March 15
Today, as I’m headed to New York to visit with my colleagues in alternative education, and with our own students, who are exploring the sites and sounds of New York City-a first trip to the city for many of them-I am thinking about spring in Camden.
Two years ago at this time, we were embarking upon a significant merger, and by June 30, we were officially Wayfinder Schools
Last year at this time, we were fully operational at two campuses and preparing to graduate our first merged class.
This year, we’ve expanded again, this time to Washington County, where we have a new satellite Passages office at The University of Maine Machias.
But all along, our house at 79 Washington Street has been hustling and bustling with students and activities, from cooking and gardening to practicing sign language, banging out tunes on the piano, hanging art work, writing poetry.
This spring, we hope you’ll stop by and meet our kids and hear about what they’re up to as they march toward graduation in May and June.
Our Spring Open House is two weeks from now, on March 28, from 4-6 pm.
Stop by and say hello!

Our annual trip to NYC

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Each year our students spend five days exploring the sites and sounds of New York City.  This year our Camden crew headed out first and spent their time exploring The Museum of Modern Art, Little Italy, China Town, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square, The Brooklyn Bridge and more.  They ate spicy pickles, falafel, donuts, Indian food, and tried Vietnamese food for the first time.  They rode the subways, walked for miles, volunteered with Meals on Wheels and took in a performance of the Blue Man Group.  This weekend, our Camden kids came home and our Wayfinder Schools crew hit the road for their own five day big city adventure.  Be sure to follow all the action on our school blog. THANK YOU to all our wonderful supporters who have made this trip possible for our students.  

NYC Blog, Day 2 with the Opportunity Farm crew!

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Today was our first day in the big city! We started our day off with a ferry ride to Staten Island and back to see the Statue of Liberty. We took the subway to Chinatown and started shopping, fun fun fun! There were a lot of people there trying to sell us bags, jewelry and clothes, and we were surrounded by all kinds of different people speaking different languages. After shopping, we went on our food tour: starting with cannolis, then sandwiches, dumplings, donuts and pickles. They were all so delicious! To end our day, we went to a Buddhist temple and checked it out for a little while. It was really beautiful and relaxing. This was our first day and our first time ever in New York City and it was amazing!!!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow: should be fun and we are definitely going to take advantage of the chance.  We love New York City!!!!

NYC Blog, Day 1 with the Opportunity Farm crew

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Student Blog Post-Day 1

Hello, this is Mandy. We started our day at 7 o’clock and made it out of the house by 9 o’clock. We have all had a long day on the road… seven hours later we finally arrived at the firehouse. We got settled in and had dinner. Lasagna made by Cameron. It was yummy! Tonight, we went on the pier and saw Manhattan’s skyline. We had an amazing time all together as a group and can’t wait for tomorrow!

NYC Blog, Day 5 with the Camden crew

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Student Blog Post-Day 5

Hi I’m Peyton! Today my chore was “daily blogger, etc…” and my job is to write down what we did today and what I liked best! We started off the day travelling to Brooklyn to donate some of our time to help the organization “Meals on Wheels” which is a place that packs, cooks, and delivers food to residents of NYC that have little to no food. After packing lunches for a few hours I went with some of the students and staff to the Superhero Store in Brooklyn, where we split up into three groups. One group went to the Natural History Museum, another went to Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Headquarters and the last and final group – which consisted of the most awesome people (me, Emily, Kat L. and me) – went to one of the many MTV headquarters and saw how they make the show “True Life.” When we reconvened at around 3:30, we all went to an Indian restaurant to celebrate our last day together in New York and Sasha’s birthday. And even later that evening (when we all had to pee) we went to Emily’s Dad’s apartment and the penthouse there to look at the city from a different angle. Then we met Emily’s brother and his girlfriend and they gave us a small tour of Times Square. A little while ago, we went off on our last subway and Path ride back to the firehouse in Jersey City. I think the two favorite parts of my day was meeting Morgan from MTV and seeing myself on the big Hundya screen in Times Square.

NYC Blog, Day 4 with the Camden crew

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Student Blog Post-Day 4

Hi I’m Steve!  Today was an awesome day and pretty eventful! I personally went to the zoo in Central Park with my good friend Joseph.  After that, we found the chocolate factory at FAO Schwartz where I was temped to spend $20 on two pounds of candy but decided against it.  We walked for a while and found a diamond in the rough – an awesome video game store selling old and new style games.  After that we went to the Blue Man group  – that was an experience!  I was weird, funny, and Corey and Sasha even got their heads patted by Blue Men.  It was all pretty awesome.  That was our day!  I like New York, I enjoy the food and the culture but I miss the Maine soil and it doesn’t feel anything like home.

NYC Blog, Day 3 with the Camden crew

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Student Blog Post-Day 3

Hi I’m Katrina, today I was the blogger-film taker. Today we started our day by a long, crowded subway ride. We continued to St Thomas Cathedral, a church with awesome designs. I loved watching the man in the church play piano upstairs because I thought it was just a track playing itself in the church. After we left the church we went to a museum (MoMA) and looked at whatever types of art interested us. After we left that we broke into groups and went shopping with a few staff and students at the stores of our choice for fourty five minutes, meeting back near Rockefeller Place. Than we went to Chelsea and walked the High Line all the way to Chelsea Market and got Italian sandwiches or pasta, and some got falafels from a street vender. We just finished a long circle and discussing art, now headed to bed!

NYC Blog, Day 2 with the Camden crew

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Student Blog Post, Day 2:

Hi, my name’s Damion. Today in NJ/NY my chore is filming and blogging. To start the day off, we got on the subway from Grove St. NJ to the World Trade Center NY.  We got off and started walking down Broadway toward the Staten Island Ferry.  On the ferry we saw the Statue of Liberty (and I have to say she’s quite beautiful) and on Staten Island we had to run back through the ferry station to get on the return ferry.  We ate lunch on the ferry back to Manhattan.  From there we got on a subway headed from Broad St. to Essex (subways are fun but a little too long and crowded with people for my taste). From Essex we went to the Tenement Museum, which was inside an old apartment building and where the group split on three tours of the building. The first was called “Irish Outsiders” and the students that went on that tour were Steve, Corey, and Kat.  The second was “Shop Life” which included student Peyton, and the third and last tour was called “Hard Times” and included the students Sasha and Damion (me).  After the Tenement Museum we went to eat some amazing donuts for our food tour and then to a Vietnamese restaurant for some sandwiches, which were to die for.  Then for pickles that were “hot” (I didn’t think so) we ended the day in Chinatown and little Italy where the group shopped a little and bought some oriental cuisine.  We are now back at the firehouse cooking dinner and being all around joyous.