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Thank you to our Farm to Sea Auction sponsors!

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Please take a moment to thank the generous business sponsors who made our 2013 Farm to Sea Auction such a success!


F2S 13 lighthouse sponsorsF2S13 garden sponsors

A few more photos from our Farm to Sea Auction

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Thank you to all who made our 2013 Farm to Sea Auction such a success!Alex Koch and Peter Morneauandrea itkin and levi walton cathy martin, emma wilson, steve woods emma sprague, erica gates and dakota sprague Jerry and Bette Stone Alex Koch and Peter Morneau john and denny palmer linda banks, dottie foote, fred williams Melissa and John Duffy copy margo fowler and dottie foote Michael Gilroy, Kim Dorsky and Jay Tobias

Becoming Wayfinder

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013


We all know the great and long history of the The Community Schools at Opportunity Farm and Camden. In recent years, the school has grown to double the number of students it serves. Our administrators, teachers, students and generous donors are the very reason for its achievements.

Part of this success is also the merger of The Community Schools and Opportunity Farm. This expansion has created an incredible platform to continue to provide life-long learning and provide students with the skills and experiences necessary to connect with their families, practice personal responsibility, and contribute to their communities.

But we can’t stop here. In looking to the future, we hope to grow to serve even more areas of the state and beyond. And therein lies the challenge. Any organization that grows, is faced with change. While difficult at times, it is a necessary part of its success. As we look to the future, we know that adding another venue will certainly create additional name challenges. It is with this in mind that we look to rebrand the schools to position not only our existing properties, but future campuses as well for the inevitable growth we know will come.

But what to call ourselves?

In searching for the right name, it was important to look back in the schools’ history and scan forward to see what was consistent throughout the years. The one thing that rang true was the notion that each and every student had a goal in mind. And while faced with adversity and hardships to overcome, they never lost sight of that goal and destination. It was this insight that lead to our new identity.


• Setting up a course strategy, which includes a reference course for reaching the vicinity of one’s destination

• Trying to hold this course while keeping track of one’s position in relationship to it during the voyage.

• Finding land after reaching the vicinity of one’s destination.

Wayfinder Schools

This form of navigation is a perfect metaphor for how each of the students can find their own way forward. It is a timeless, powerful, inspiring name that encompasses everything the school represents now and will become in the future.

Check out our fabulous Farm to Sea Live Auction Items!

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

The Farm to Sea Auction on Thursday, October 3 will include dinner, live music and fabulous live & silent auctions.  Join us from 6-9:30 at The Frontier Cafe in Brunswick!

13-F2S-300x224Check out a full description of our 10 live auction items here!  Click on the link below:

live auction items

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

The Wayfinder Schools seek two full time interns for our Residential Program in New Gloucester. Both positions provide excellent educational opportunities and partialroom and board at our Opportunity Farm campus. Full description below.  If interested, email cover letter and resume to by 8/28/12.  No phone calls please.


Internship #1: Academic Intern, New Gloucester, ME


Availability:Spring, Fall


Position:Provide support to residential staff and students with emphasis on academicrequirements; work closely with lead teacher and program director to plan andfacilitate assignments and activities.


Schedule:40 hours per week, overnights Monday – Thursday.


Benefits:Room and board living on the Farm, travel expenses, conference attendance,training in Restorative Justice, many other perks


Learning:interdisciplinary curriculum and learning plans; restorative practices; endlessopportunities for creativity; inspirational alternative learning techniques andteaching strategies geared toward empowering, strength and discovery;relational education; conflict resolution; one-on-one mentoring; communitybased learning; group facilitation; expeditionary skills; crisis management;de-escalation; trauma abuse; cultural competency; teaching; confidencebuilding; enduring relationships; genuine purpose of service andaccomplishment; your own real life learning experiences; computer software;digital camera, video, and projectors; tools.

Internship #2: Residential Living Team Intern, New Gloucester, ME


Availability:Spring, Summer, Fall


Position:Provide support to residential staff including three overnight residentialovernight counselors, one campus director, and one culinary instructor. Assistwith expeditions, service learning, and other weekend learning activities.


Schedule:40 hours per week, overnights on all weekends


Benefits:Room and board living on the Farm, travel expenses, conference attendance,training in Restorative Justice, many other perks

Learning: inspirationalalternative learning techniques, relational education, conflict resolution,mentoring, community based learning, group facilitation, expeditionary skills,crisis management, de-escalation, trauma abuse, cultural competency, teaching,confidence building, enduring relationships, genuine purpose of service andaccomplishment, real life learning experiences, computersoftware, digital cameras, video, projectors, tools.