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Our week in NYC with The Opportunity Farm Crew! Post #4

Monday, March 31st, 2014

DAY 4, by Zac:

Today, we visited the 9/11 Memorial and Freedom Tower.  It was horrifying to see all those names.  There were so many.  It was very sad.  It was also liberating to see because of what the people did with the tragedy.  Even though something horrible happened, something beautiful came out of it.  It brought everyone together.  I never thought I would be able to see the 9/11 Memorial.  I’m really glad I got to see it!

Next was Chinatown and Little Italy.  It was absolutely amazing!  We had a food tour from gourmet doughnuts to Chinese dumplings, to the world’s best cannoli!  Then we went to the Hong Kong market.  I found a very interesting soda: it was real ginger ale with chunks of mango in it.  We also stopped at a Buddhist temple, which was one of my most anticipated stops of the evening.  It was peaceful inside, with awesome decorations on every wall.  Everyone stayed quiet to preserve the atmosphere.  Then we went home and made a delicious, duck noodle soup, using a duck that was hanging in the window of a smoked meats shop.  No one wanted to try the face, but I had to try it and guess what: it was kind of delicious!  Duck brain is better than you think.

zac chinatown                  zac dumpling

Our week in NYC with The Opportunity Farm Crew! Post #3

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Day 3 in the city: Volunteering with Meals on Wheels, touring the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Soccer in Central Park, Steak Taco Supper, Subway rides to remember and more-all on Ibraheem’s birthday!

Blog Post # 3, by Ibraheem: On my birthday, I wake up at 5:20 a.m.  I have been waking up before six every day of this NYC trip!  Coffee was going and I ate my pancake and turkey bacon breakfast.  We headed onto a jam-packed subway in frigid cold.  On the ride, out of nowhere, a guy breaks out a guitar and starts singing!  “Be the change that you want to see.  Only then will you find true peace,” he says to a reggae rhythm.  All the other noise around us went away.

Afterwards, we arrived at a senior center in Harlem.  We met up with Eloise, our volunteer guide, then got on a bus to deliver meals.  The elderly we saw were in tough situations.  To see their smiles made me forget it was my birthday.  The bus driver was so great to talk to.  He had a lot of knowledge about music and about life!  Back in the senior center, I met a guy from Tunisia.  We were talking and laughing and playing Bingo. bingo        meals on wheels Then, onto the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a small group split and went to the Natural History Museum.  At the MET, a friend from NYU joined me and we looked at a lot of greek sculpture.  We also saw old paintings, instruments, and some weaponry. amber met  the met copy Afterward, we headed to Central Park.  It was cold, but we had fun kicking the soccer ball around and seeing the first signs of spring poking up through the dirt.  Sadly, we had to give up the search for street vendors and go home early to get warm.  I finally did find a vendor in Jersey City, and got to have steak tacos!  Everybody sang to me at the circle meeting.  I was embarrassed to be sang to, but happy to have shared my birthday with everyone.  This is definitely a birthday I will never forget!

This Central Park bride & groom borrowed our soccer ball!

 wedding soccer!

Happy Birthday Ibraheem!

Day 5 ferry Ibraheem

Our Week in NYC with The Opportunity Farm Crew! Post #2

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Day Two in the City, By Megan

Today, we woke up pretty early at around 6 A.M. and went to Grand Central, which was absolutely gorgeous and HUGE. We went and saw the whispering wall, which actually works! You go in the corner and you whisper, and whoever is on the other end can hear and can talk back to you. It’s really cool. We got some food, and then Zac fake-proposed to Crystal. That was a funny moment, considering while he was doing it she was on her phone.

The Whispering Wall at Grand Central Station

That’s us, at The Whispering Wall, Grand Central Station!

Then, we went to the MOMA, a.k.a. the Museum of Modern Art. All of us went around and saw some awesome pieces of art. “Starry Night” seemed to be the overall favorite painting of the group. Everyone enjoyed the museum immensely, and many of us want to go back!

After that, we hit Ruby Foo’s, which is an Asian-fusion restaurant. We went to lunch with Dottie and Fred, which was great and I’m very happy that we had the privilege to do so. There, we were introduced to Talo, who is Fred’s friend. Talo proceeded to teach us origami tricks as we ate delicious food. The dessert, I have to say in a personal opinion, was the BEST.

Ruby Foo's

Here we are at Ruby Foo’s

We then went to Times Square, which I can’t even describe. It was amazing, absolutely amazing. The energy was high, and so were our spirits as we looked around, most of us in shock at how truly perfect this city can be. After we looked around for a little bit, we all went separate ways and went shopping! That was also an important highlight for some of us.

And in Times Square

more times sqaure

Now, we are back at the apartment, waiting for dinner and circle. We did a lot, but there’s only so much I can tell! It was a thrilling adventure, and I cannot wait for the next one! Goodnight everyone.

Our week in NYC with the Opportunity Farm crew! Post #1

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Our first day in the city with The Opportunity Farm crew!  Here’s the news from Joelle and Danielle:

By Joelle
Today at 9:00 A.M. with our bags and vans stuffed we left our home on the hill for New York City. Ibraheem spent hours creating our music playlist. We spent six hours on the road, and when we finally arrived Joseph was waiting outside for us with the biggest smile and welcoming arms. Our apartments to say the least are incredible with the most breathtaking view of the Hudson river and the Statue of Liberty. After settling in and running around our apartments we walked to the skyline water front. It was euphoric, I can’t imagine being here with a more incredible group of people, surrounding ourselves with great vibes, I know this will be an incredible week.

fun on the pier skyline

By Danielle
When we got to the water front, Joseph took portraits of everybody, while Ibraheem was jamming out to “New York, New York” and Megan and I were exploring a great wedding ceremony area, being our silly selves. When we left the water front, headed back to the apartment, we stopped to read the sign for the statue of the man with the bayonet in his back. This was pretty depressing history to be structured into a city of lively neighborhoods. It was a good first day, with many to follow.

Check it out!  Ibraheem on the first night in the city: ibraheem!

Our Week in New York City with the Camden crew! Student Blog Post # 3

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Day 3: MOMA, Blue Man Group, shopping, new foods & more!

By Carlos

Carlos in his new coat!

Carlos in his new coat!


March 21st 2014

Today we started our day at 8:00am bright and early, we packed snacks and out the door we went. We took a spectacular subway ride once again and everyone was very spunky and energetic! After we took the subway to New York from Jersey we made our way to MOMA and enjoy a lot of the art work that was being displayed. Each student picked a piece of art work and admired it for five minutes. My favorite piece was a chain reaction video,which I shared  with Mitch. It involved a lot of fire and projectiles and tires and gasoline. The MOMA was sparking with beautiful pieces of art from around the world. We all met back up at the end of our day at MOMA, there was a lot of conversation about what everybody saw. After the museum we went shopping and visited multiple stores; the Lego Store, Nintendo Store, H&M and a few thrift shops also trying some new foods. We met up with Dot and Fred at the Ruby Foo’s and had a lot of fun making origami and meeting Talo. Everybody definitely wants to go back and enjoyed all the food we got to eat. The calamari was my favorite it was so full of flavor and I must say they know how to cook some kick butt food!  After that we did a lot of shopping and visiting shops again. I bought a peacoat today and it fit perfectly. Later that night around 7:45pm we met up and went to see the Blue Man Group, I always wanted to see them and seeing them live for the first time was spectacular. The way they play drums and use the paint was incredible. My favorite part of the show was when they did the skit with the giant iPhones it was super cool and I am so honored that I was able to have the opportunity to see them. Big thanks to Elizabeth Simmons for donating us tickets. Shout out to Fred and Dot for taking us to a wonderful restaurant to meet people and try amazing foods. Thanks to the staff for bringing us yet another exciting, wonderful day!

-Carlos Andrade

Lunch at Ruby Foo's

Lunch at Ruby Foo’s

Our Week in New York City with the Camden crew! Student Blog Post # 2

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Day 2: Central Park, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Natural History Museum, FAO Schwarz, pizza, falafel and volunteering with Meals on Wheels!


Here’s a summation from Cliff and Emily B.


A veritable account of our March 18th in the Big Apple; year fourteen-and-two-thousand:


The day began with a quick breakfast, and then we headed out to 49th street to visit the City Meals on Wheels Foundation. There, we were split into four groups, given two totes on a cart, a list of addresses, and we were all sent out. My group consisted of Emily, Carrie, Cheyanne, and myself, and while we were given the least amount of addresses, I can say with utter certainty they were the farthest apart! Luckily enough, they were located in beautiful hotels- we were escorted by security in one!- and the weather was perfect for walking; sunny, but with enough wind to remind you you weren’t in California. After we gave out all the meals (there was a hot meal and cold meal per person) we rendezvoused at the Meals on Wheels building, thence, continuing to the Central Park area, ate delicious pizza pies altogether.

Next on the agenda was touring one of two museums; the National History Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I chose the latter, teaming up with Mitchell, Evie, Cliff, Cathy, Emily, and Alexis. The museum was huge, and I couldn’t possibly remember all of the artifacts we saw, but the things that stood out to me most were the Victorian drawing rooms and boudoirs, the Greek sculptures, and the Japanese armor. 

After the museum, we met at a giant toy store, where Evie and I witnessed screaming children and rooms filled with candy and baby toys. Cheyanne got a gift for her sister, Cathy got a gift for her nephew. I didn’t get anything cause I ain’t about that life. 

Lastly, after a couple stops for coffee and falafels, we all had dinner and a circle at the apartment. Overall, though the journey was long and pretty exhausting, it was a really fun day. 


– Emily B and Cliff


Our week in New York City with the Camden crew! Student Blog Post #1

Friday, March 21st, 2014

It’s our annual trip to New York City!

As always, students will be sending updates from the road, and here’s a summary of our first day in the big city (The 9/11 Memorial, Wall Street, Chinatown, Little Italy, The Pickle Guys and The Tenement Museum)


By Mitch mitch iron man


Waking up was a bit hectic but it was our first day. That was to be expected. After getting out of the apartments, we headed to the subway and began our first journey into New York City. We got out of the subway right next to 7 World Trade Center and took a journey through the 9/11 Memorial.


Then we went over to get some amazing donuts from Doughnut Plant. After the donuts, 10 of us went to a tour about Irish immigrants then met up with the other five people back at the donut shop.


Upon arriving but before getting some fantastic pickles from the Pickle Guys, us kids received a generous gift of spending money from Verizon Wireless. Afterward, we went through China Town on our way to Little Italy, ate some cannoli, then back to China Town to do some shopping (swords, roast ducks, and kimono dresses galore!). Once we got our groceries, we headed home to enjoy a lovely stir-fry courtesy of Carrie.

D2-Little Italy D2-Pickle Guys


6th annual Dancing with Local Stars-May 9th!

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

On Friday, May 9, ten midcoast celebrities will take the stage of The Camden Opera House to show off their best dance moves in support of Wayfinder Schools. These ten local stars will be paired with the professional dancers of Swing & Sway Dancing and Kinetic Energy Alive, and together they’ll Salsa, Samba, Tango, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Hip Hop, Hustle and Swing their way into the hearts of audience members, all for a great cause-helping Maine teens graduate from high school. This show will also include special performances by local dance troupes and pros including Nathifa Shakti, Shana Bloomstein, Studio Red, Korinn’s Dance, Rockport Dance Conservatory and People to People Dance Center, making for an unforgettable evening in support of Maine kids. Tickets are $25 for adults and $10 for children ages 12 and under, and are available at Camden National Bank, Green Tree Coffee and Tea, HAVII, The Grasshopper Shop, Beauty Mark Spa, The Reading Corner, The Camden Opera House and at The show starts at 7:00pm and doors open at 6:15. Lead event sponsor is Camden Real Estate Company, with additional support from Maine Magazine, Pen Bay Pilot and Investment Management & Consulting Group. Tickets go fast, be sure to get yours early!

Check out our amazing cast of 2014 stars!

Rafi Baeza, Creative Director, Farnsworth Art Museum

Mimi Bornstein, Founder & Artistic Director, Midcoast Community Chorus

Allie Bowen, Customer Service Manager, Hannaford

Staci Coomer, Executive Director, Penobscot Bay Region Chamber of Commerce

Kerry Hadley, Manager, Camden Opera House

Justin Hills, Paramedic, Northeast Mobile Health Services & Police Officer, Camden Police Department

Robin Jordan, Children’s Book Buyer, The Reading Corner

Colin Page, Artist

Jennifer Ross-Boshes, Owner & Lead Esthetician, Beauty Mark

Amanda Strong, Group Fitness & Zumba Instructor, Penobscot Bay YMCA and Swing & Sway Dancing

dancing 14 jpg







dancing 14 jpg

Our day at the races!

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

February was another busy month for our students, including two weekends of winter wonderland activity in Camden: ice carving at Winterfest and racing down the icy toboggan chute at The National Toboggan Championships!  In fact, one of our teams, Ninja Turtle Swag, took home second place in the fastest high school category!

ninja turtle 1Ninja Turtle Swag!

Heading down the chute!

toboggan 14

Our Winterfest Ice Sculpture-what a hoot!


Hot off the presses! The Lullaby Project in the News

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

This week our Lullaby Project with Bay Chamber Concerts (see blog) was featured in PenBay Pilot and Village Soup.  Check out both articles here!

PenBay Pilot:

Village Soup (subscription needed to read full article):