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Our new Camden Residential Grads!

Monday, May 30th, 2016

This year, we will graduate 34 students throughout Maine. The first six graduated on Friday, May 27 in a ceremony at High Mountain Hall in Camden. Here are the first photos of new Wayfinder grads Tae Black, Justin Wordell, Marissa Lugo, Jenny Staples, Deborah Bisabu and Brian Johnson. The week before they graduated, these six students presented wonderful graduation projects, including a documentary film, a photo exhibit and theater performance, a cosmetology presentation, a guitar performance, an anime film, a vocal performance, a photography slideshow and the presentation of school yearbooks. Now these new grads are off to jobs, Job Corps and community college. Congratulations Class of 2016!

 erika and jennymarissa flaghappy jenny flag

everyone no flagssmall groupeveryone flags  carlos and marrissajos paradeselfie


Our New Greenhouse Project!

Monday, May 30th, 2016

Did you know we’re building our own greenhouse? It’s true! Here are some initial snapshots, more to come, plus all the details!

Extra thanks to Steve Kent and to Bowie Excavating for donating so much time to this project!




bowie  excavator

Ayan, Arao, Crystal, Tobie and Jarred on their trip to NYC!

Thursday, May 5th, 2016


March 28, 2016– Ayan

We had a really long drive. It took about ten hours. We had to stop in Connecticut because the muffler fell off of the white van. We fixed it with wire. We had fun in the van. We van danced, ate food, played cards and stopped at a thrift store. I bought a giant stuffed bunny!! We named the bunny New York. When we got to NYC, we went for a walk on the New Jersey boardwalk. We played soccer and took individual shots in front of the skyline of NYC. I saw the building King Kong climbed and the place where the Twin Towers used to be. I am so happy and psyched to be in NYC/New Jersey.

ayan           everyone night sky

Everything has been my favorite part, although the van ride was exhausting. I want to thank Joseph for being here and for Bob and Cynthia, at home. They are taking care of the chickens and holding down the fort.

March 29, 2016Crystal

Today was packed with all sorts of wonderful adventures.  We started the day with coffee, donuts and a stroll to the Ellis Island Ferry. Ellis Island was beautiful and educational. A park ranger gave us a tour/lecture about Ellis Island and the plight of the newly arrived immigrants. We then walked around Ellis Island, looking through dormitories, gazing at the art exhibits and finding our ancestors names on the memorial, located on the grounds of the Island. Ellis Island was a blast!

everyone ellis

Afterwards, we jumped back on the ferry and headed to the Statue of Liberty. We walked around the base of this colossal structure, in awe of her beauty and symbolism. Our food tour began, post Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty. We were treated to donuts from a famous donut establishment in the Village and then ate all sorts of different pickles!! We also tasted sandwiches called Bhan Mi. These sandwiches hail from Vietnam and contained pork, chicken and vegetables all wrapped in fresh, crusty French rolls! Delicious!!

jos and alaina      ladies

The next adventure brought us to the Tenement Museum. The students went on a tour called about the plight of laboring immigrants in small apartments. The staff were treated to a tour on the Irish immigrant. Learning happened!!


The evening led us to dumplings, from a local dumpling place and then we bought a whole duck in China town and made duck soup at home. Talo, our friend from Ruby Foos came over and taught us origami and fun was had by all. Thank you Talo. We really love everything you do for our school!!!


March 30, 2016– Arao

happy bridge bridge everyone

Today we had a blast. Crystal Vaccaro, our Creative Arts Coordinator, was greeted with excitement when she met us at the 9/11 memorial. She brought Margo Ugalde with her. Margo was the OF campus director before Oren Stevens. The 9/11 memorial was really meaningful to me because a bad thing happened, and they built a memorial. I have a lot of respect for this. After the 9/11 Memorial, we went for a long stroll on Brooklyn’s very long “Highline.” We fulfilled all of our cardio goals for the day during this long hike. It felt like 50 miles.

MoMA 2      MoMA

When our long walk was complete we decided to take in some art at the MOMA museum. My favorite part of the museum was seeing Kara Walker’s art and being able to talk about it with Alex Koch, Annie Robertson and Alaina Linteri.

jared times sq

For dinner we were able to order street food and enjoy it at our leisure. I ate Arroz Con Pollo. It was good. Other highlights of the day included, being hustled by street performers in Time Square, seeing Central Station and its amazing constellation ceiling and finally getting on the PATH and coming home to Jersey City. What a trip, what a day!!


March 30, 2016– Jarred


We all went to the Isaac Center to meet for Meal On Wheels. We had broken off into groups to deliver meals in the area. We had to navigate by ourselves to figure out where we had to deliver. It was a very rewarding experience, also very important. For these people didn’t have a lot of resources, but we did our best to help.


We went out for dinner, at Milon, at about four o’clock. We were in the East Village and, man, was that place hip. We walked to the restaurant and then ate some traditional Indian food. It was an experience to never forget…the whole atmosphere was unfathomable. Milon was also visited by celebrities over time, such as John Stuart and David Letterman.


We also spent some time in Union Square. This was a park that attracted all kinds of people. It seems to be a chill place for people to hang. People were playing music, chess and ball. There were a lot of stores around the area, so people would get coffee and then sit in the park. It was also very hip, so it was definitely the place to be.


April 1, 2016– Tobie


This morning we rode the Path train to the World Trade Center. When we arrived at the World Trade Center, we went to the Oculus. The Oculus is a big wide open space with very interesting architecture. Afterwards, we walked to the Brooklyn Bridge and Joseph treated us to coffee and donuts. Everyone used the bathroom at the City Clerk’s office building. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and there was a great view of the city. The walk was very pleasant. The Brooklyn Bridge hike ended with a subway ride to Roberta’s Pizza. On the way to the pizza joint, we looked at a lot of graffiti. At the restaurant we ate fifteen pizza pies. Most of the ingredients were grown at Roberta’s restaurant. They were grown in greenhouses, located on top of the restaurant. Joseph received a birthday ice cream sandwich. Melissa, who does the gardening at Roberta’s, gave us a tour and a lecture about urban gardening.


Post lunch, we split off into groups and some went to the Met, an art museum and others went to the Natural History Museum. I went to the Natural History Museum and we watched a 3-D, I-Max movie about the national parks of America. I learned the Redwoods National park has huge trees called Redwoods. These trees can grow to be fifteen feet wide!!! I also learned about Yellowstone National Parks geysers and how half of the world’s geysers are in this park. We also got to see prairie dogs in 3-D and they were the cutest things ever!! The other park I learned about was Mojave National Park and how they ride bikes on the sand rocks there. It looked like a lot of fun. I really want to ride bikes in Mojave National Park!


After the movie, we went and looked at the Titanasaurus! This dinosaur is the largest dinosaur ever found and it is just a teenager. The last thing we did was take naps under the largest animal that has ever lived (to my knowledge), the Blue Whale. We also had a philosophy talk under the whale. Joseph and I talked about Jonah and the Whale.


After the museums, we went to Central Park and sat down in Strawberry Field. I sang with a guitar man there! We sang Beatles songs. Joseph took Jared and me to see where John Lennon was assassinated.


It was supposed to rain today but it didn’t and it was sunny all day!! I am happy about this! I want to give a shout out to all the staff for being so supportive of the students. Also, appreciations to Dottie and Fred for making our Wayfinder experience possible. Thank you, also, to the students for being such positive leaders in the community.



Meet Arao, Carolynne, Jarred and Lindsey

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Click here to read about recent graduates Arao, Carolynne, Jarred and Lindsey.


arao  jarrod  lidsey

Your year-end donation will ensure more students like Arao, Carolynne, Jarred and Lindsey are able to earn their high school diplomas and reach their graduation goals.




Good food and great company at Wayfinder–Join us for our appreciation lunch & dinner!

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Please join us for our Community Appreciation Lunch, Thursday, May 5, from 12-1:30 at Wayfinder Schools, 79 Washington St., Camden

Then on May 11, it’s time for our Community Appreciation Dinner at Opportunity Farm from 5-7 pm.

Join us for good food & great company!  Hope to see you there!