Thanks for Keeping Us Green!

Posted on Thursday January 28, 2010


Plaque presented in honor of Wayfinder Schools Volunteer Greening Committee. These volunteers donated hundreds of hours of their time to help “green” our school last summer. The students and staff are very grateful for the volunteers time and effort.

Last fall at our Annual Open House, Dottie Foote took the opportunity to thank the Volunteer Greening Committee.
Listen in…

Greening Volunteers

  • Annie and Brewster Grace
  • Athena Health, Robert Delaurier, facilities manager
  • Barnes Windsor, Amanda and Jim Barnes
  • Brian & Casey Leonard
  • car donors
  • Charlie Foote
  • Dana Rodman
  • Debbie Chatfield
  • Design Sign Graphics, Joe
  • Donna Janville and John Gillespie
  • EBS, Millie Johnston, Jeff Rankin
  • John Enright
  • Charlotte Fletcher
  • Barbara Russo
  • Carroll Peasely
  • Franz Furniture and Imports
  • Gian Gentle
  • Home Depot
  • Jim and Peg Differ
  • Judy Grossman
  • Ken Crane
  • Lee Hickey
  • Linda Leonard and Philip Giovanni
  • Madeline Owen
  • Marilyn J. Baer
  • Mark Blair and Steven Cristy
  • Marsha Mongell
  • Maureen El Hajj
  • Maine Communities Foundation, Knox County Fund
  • Newforest
  • Pam Watson
  • Peter and Kim Murphy
  • Rich Roberts
  • Sarah Streat
  • Sylvio Calabi and Sue Bramhall
  • Tiffany Warzecha