Meet our Wayfinders!

Posted on Wednesday November 27, 2013

A Wayfinder Schools Interview with Passages student Kiera Satele





WS: What made you decide to enroll in Passages?



KS: I wasn’t doing well in high school. I thought I would do better in a program that I could do at home. I probably wouldn’t have finished high school if I stayed in the public schools because I wouldn’t have been able to do it as a young mom and I don’t like to be around a lot of people. I like having one on one time with my teacher and being able to work at my own pace.  I also like that my teacher comes to my house. That has made my life less stressful in many ways.



WS: What has been your best Passages experience so far?



KS: Getting connected to the Lewiston Career Center. I am currently enrolled in CNA courses and got my driver’s permit. If I didn’t do this program, I wouldn’t have known to go to the career center. I like all of the assignments that I have to do to get my diploma. The core skills are meaningful and help me to set goals for myself.




WS: What are your plans and goals after graduation?



KS: I am going to finish my CNA classes so I can begin working as a CNA. I am hoping to work in a nursing home because I enjoy spending time with older people.



WS: What are your hopes and dreams for your child?



KS: I hope that he is successful in school and in life. I also hope that he is proud of me and that he waits until he is older to become a parent.



WS: What do you like most about being a parent?



KS: Everything!!! I love being a parent. It has helped me to grow up a lot and mature. I now have my priorities straight.



WS: What are the biggest misconceptions about teen parents?


 KS: I feel like many girls around Lewiston are Auburn are getting pregnant because they think it will make their relationship stronger with their partner. I also feel like a lot of people think teen moms can’t be good parents because we are young. I put my child first and make better decisions since my son, MJ, was born.



WS: What have you learned about parenting since being enrolled in Passages?



KS: I learned about the different stages that MJ goes through. I also learned more about bonding with him and that giving him my attention is important for his development. Spending time with him helps him to develop emotionally and physically. The more time you spend with your child, the more he will develop intellectually.



WS: What are the most important life skills you’ve learned in Passages?


KS: I feel like this program helped me to become a young adult and become more independent. I have gotten my drivers permit, which is one of the requirements of the program.  I learned more about budgeting and parenting. Learning all of these skills helped me to be able to move out of my grandmother’s apartment and live on my own with my son’s father.



WS: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far this year?


KS: My favorite core skill has been infant care. I learned a lot of interesting things about MJ. I really liked learning about why bonding with your child is so important. I also learned a lot about MJ’s needs. Things that I needed to know as a parent.



WS: What would you like people to know about the Passages Program?



KS: This program has given me more hope for my future. We work on setting goals. Having goals to work towards has helped me to push myself. If someone has the opportunity to enroll in the Passages Program, I would say, “do it!”



WS: Why are the workshops important?



KS: It gives me a chance to socialize with other teen moms and it is a great chance for MJ to spend time with other kids.



WS: What would you like the world to know about you?



KS: I have grown a lot since I started this program. I have had many successes and I have learned to push myself through frustrating situations.



Fourteen facts about you:



Name: Kiera Satele


Where you were born: Lewiston, Maine


Your favorite color: Purple


Your favorite food: Buffalo strips


Your favorite sound or smell: Fall scented candles


Your favorite hobby: Spending time with my son and his dad. Bringing MJ out to do something fun


Your favorite possession: My son, MJ


Your favorite book, band, quote, song or movie: Freedom Riders


One place you’d like to travel to: Hawaii


Something you’re proud of: How far that I have come


Something new you’d like to try: Making a birdhouse with MJ


Your favorite activity to do with your child: Cooking and sitting on the floor to play with him


Who would play you in a movie: I would like to play Detective Benson in the TV show Law and Order.  


Your favorite spot in Maine: Shopping in Portland and Freeport