Our Harvest Supper and Lantern Parade

Posted on Thursday November 13, 2014

The day before Halloween we held our first annual Harvest Supper and Paper Lantern Parade at Opportunity Farm.  Kids in costume filled the field as the soccer ball was kicked around, pumpkins were carved and lit, marshmallows were roasted and Faith strummed her guitar and ukelele.

soccer light   butterfly  dr. who and prom queen  carving  pumpkins   shante and tataInside at Anthony House people took turns at the piano, made art work and enjoyed bake sale goodies while down the drive at Kendall House, Fiston helped Lee Landry of ReVision Heat demonstrate our new wood gasification boiler, donated by ReVision Energy and installed with the generously donated time of the folks at ReVision Heat.  Now we have five cords of wood stacked and more to come, and our oil costs will be cut in half!

faith's flowersart     cookies  fiston  lee and josBack outside, kids swung on the tire swing while dinner was being prepared at Anthony House. On the menu: homemade bread plus veggie soups and beautiful salads from our gardens. Delicious!

tire swing   salad beautiful salad  garlic  food line


After a few words from staff members Joseph and Oren, student Shaunte, and longtime friend and supporter Tim Stewart, it was time to light the lanterns and parade through the field.

lanterns at the ready    parade start  fence lightscity of lights  crowd

It was a stunning sight on a fall night in Maine.  As we walked a spiral maze toward the center fire and gathered around to warm ourselves, Oren asked us all to mention what we are grateful for.  People were thankful for the food and the stars and the garden, but mostly for friends. And family. And Wayfinder Schools.

fall hill

Check out the complete album here: harvest supper photo album!