Our Global Thanksgiving Celebration

Posted on Saturday November 29, 2014

Our Opportunity Farm campus was buzzing with festivity again last week as we celebrated our 6th annual Global Thanksgiving.  The community room was filled with people, food, music and celebration and our students took center stage for what’s become one of our most treasured Wayfinder traditions.

This year’s event kicked off with a Contra Dance in the barn with our wonderful neighbor calling out the steps while student and staff members Rose, Ian and Dylan provided guitar and fiddle music.

contra dance

After the dance we all gathered back inside for the ceremonial exchanging of the napkins.  This year, students on each campus tie-dyed beautiful cloth napkins for their peers on the other campus. The Opportunity Farm students sang as they presented their napkins to the Camden students, while the Camden campus students played fiddle and danced as they presented their napkins to the Opportunity Farm crew.  Here are the beautiful napkins:    more napkins                                napkins     Then it was time for the food! china

Each student selected a different country to research and then planned and prepared a traditional meal from that country.

They also researched income, literacy rates and more for each country.                           graphs


Then they presented their research to the crowd:

jack and rose              morgan     papi  faith presenting People said what they were thankful for, including “friends, family, food, running water, Wayfinder Schools and second chances.”  And everyone had a great time!    happy baby  oren and alexis  jim and mary ellen  zoe and nephew

Here are some of the countries we studied:

Rose studied Greenland and made a fabulous cod dish

Ethan researched Mali and made a spicy rice dish

Fiston studied Italy and made a Putenesca

Elijah studied Bosnia and made stuffed peppers

Erika studied Equador but helped make two of the Chinese dishes: spring rolls and egg rolls

Shaunte studied France and made ratatouille

Rakeem studied Australia and made a curry

Faith studied China and made almond cookies (plus she sang a song in Chinese during her presentation!)

Alex studied Bhutan and made spicy rice

Morgan studied Poland and made a delicious cheesecake

Shannon studied Mexico and made chicken empanadas

Papi studied Turkey and made Falafel and hummus

Jack studied India and made fried banana balls and sweet almond milk

And they all did an amazing job!

more everyone Back Row, L-R: Faith, Morgan, Shannon, Rakeem, Elijah, Alex, Erika, Jack, Rose, Papi. Front Row: Shaunte