Women for Wayfinder

Posted on Wednesday December 17, 2014

lindsey and selaina tree On December 2, over 50 people gathered at The Portland Country Club to hear Wayfinder updates from Head of Schools Dr. Dorothy Foote, Passages Program Director Martha Kempe and Residential Program Director Joseph Hufnagel. The occasion was the winter gathering of Women for Wayfinder, a group of generous southern Maine women who have come together to support Wayfinder Schools and the students we serve. Among the beautifully decorated tree, the food and drinks the chance to mingle and hear from Wayfinder staff, the highlight of the event was when Passages students Lindsey and Selaina shared their stories of early teen parenthood, and how Wayfinder has helped them find their way.  Read their stunning speeches here:

Selaina’s Women for Wayfinder Speech   

Lindsey’s Women for Wayfinder Speech

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