Wayfinders in the news on Martin Luther King Day

Posted on Tuesday January 27, 2015

everyone MLK Our Camden students with their homemade signs, MLK Day 2015

Martin Luther King Day was a busy day for our Camden Wayfinders, beginning with class time in which we listened to two Martin Luther King speeches, followed by a walk downtown with our homemade signs, getting lots of cheers along the way.

Then it was off to see the movie Selma, followed by a candlelight vigil in Belfast.  Here we are, at the vigil & on the news!


And here’s what students Rose and Rakeem had to say about the day:

Rakeem: “We made our signs up and walked around Camden, and then we went to see Selma, which was a very good movie. But before that we listened to “I Have a Dream” and “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop,” which was very moving and also very bizarre because he was assassinated just hours after making that speech. Then we went to the vigil in Belfast. It was my first year going out to walk and show my appreciation. I loved it, it’s something people should do every year; it’s great.”

Rose: “It was a really fun day. First we had class, and then we were going to take our signs to Rockland, but when we brought them outside people starting beeping and waving so we decided to walk downtown instead. It was really spontaneous and fun. Then we went to see Selma.  We were all in tears.  It was really powerful. I would definitely see it again. Afterwards, we went to the candlelight vigil in Belfast which was super fun and we ended up on Fox News, which was very cool. I think the most important thing I learned was to appreciate each other, and to choose love.”

Meanwhile, our Opportunity Farm students spent the entire day at Bates, where they participated in the college’s annual Martin Luther King Day observance. This year’s theme was From Selma to Ferguson: 50 Years of Nonviolent Dissent. We started the day with lunch and a campus tour and then participated in several workshops, including those focused on Ferguson, civil rights and jazz, activism through athletics and civil rights paintings. We ended the day with a performance art piece that the students loved.  A full description of the day’s activities can be found here: http://www.bates.edu/mlk/

Afterwards, Opportunity Farm Lead Teacher Elisabeth Aroneau said, “They had a busy, jam-packed day and I think they appreciated looking at race relations from all these different viewpoints. They particularly enjoyed the evening performance.  Elijah served as our tour guide and they loved the campus.  We were there all day, from about noon to 10pm. A few days earlier they’d seen Selma, and they loved it.”

Here are a few more pictures from the day: erika and myranda MLK

papi and carrie MLK                                                        MLK group back hope