Wayfinder of the Week – Ayan!

Posted on Tuesday December 29, 2015


A Wayfinder Schools interview with student Ayan Diriye

December 2015


WS: What brought you to Wayfinder Schools?

AD: I left school my junior year. I wasn’t proud. I found Wayfinder Schools through friends who went here. I applied and I got in. It wasn’t easy-it was hard to get in. But Wayfinder Schools is helping me to be independent and grow up.

WS: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far this year?

AD: I’ve learned a lot. In Literature Class we just read Sherman Alexie’s book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. I loved it. It was sad and funny and real. In Diversity we studied Christopher Columbus and we had Global Thanksgiving. It was fun picking our own country to study. I picked Egypt.

WS: What’s the favorite meal you’ve cooked so far at school and why?

AD: Tonight is my first night cooking here at school. I’m a good cook. I don’t have to follow a recipe. I used to cook at a Somali restaurant. Tonight I think I’ll make fish with rice and beans. And later in the week beef tacos. And Sambuso. With beef, onion, potato and green pepper. I’m going to make the best dinner tonight. I’m going to make it so delicious. I can’t wait to be in the kitchen.

WS: Where is your internship and what do you like best about it?

AD: I work at two elementary schools: Memorial and Russell. I help with PE class, recess and lunch duty. I love working with kids, they’re funny, very dramatic, sweet. I love it.

WS: What’s been your favorite volunteer project and why?

AD: We go to Tree Street and mentor there. I’m in the dance room. Yesterday was so much fun. The girls were teaching us to dance.

WS: What have you enjoyed most about your Wayfinder Schools experience so far?

AD: I enjoy all the activities: the (restorative justice) circles, going out on weekends, Acadia rock climbing, the Camp Kieve high ropes course. It was scary but fun. Going to the Y, having family dinners, all my classes. I enjoy everything we do here. When we have vacation I miss it. Except walking up at 7 am.

WS: What’s your favorite class and why?

AD: I have four favorite classes: Diversity, Literature, Writing, and Sewing. In Diversity we talk a lot about peace and in Literature we’ve read some good short stories. In Writing Class write our own stories. We just focused on fiction and next we’ll do non-fiction. Sometimes we get cool subjects to write about like love or dreaming-the subjects are interesting and that makes it more fun. In Sewing Class we made bags out of fabric we chose, and now I’m making two pillows as Christmas gifts.

WS: What do you hope to get out of your Wayfinder Schools experience?

AD: To graduate and get my diploma and go off to college.

WS: What are your hopes and plans for after graduation?

AD: I want to get my CNA, and go to USM for nursing. I’m going to stay in Maine. In Lewiston.

WS: What would you like people to know about Wayfinder Schools?

AD: It’s a very good opportunity and it helps kids be on track and think about their future more. And I think a lot of students should go here. It was a good idea coming here and I’m proud of myself.

WS: What would you like the world to know about you?

AD: I want the world to know I’m a hard worker, I’m brave, and I’m track for success.

Fourteen facts about you

Where you were born: Somalia

Your favorite food: Goat meat with rice

Your favorite sound or smell: The sounds of nature and the smell of perfume

Your favorite hobby or thing to do in your spare time: I like to workout and listen to music and be on social media a little bit.

Your favorite possession: I love clothing. Maxi (stretchy) dresses, scarves and skirts.

Favorite book you’ve read recently: Peter Pan. And Someone to Love by Anne Schraff.

One place you’d like to travel to: Mecca

Something you’re proud of: I’m proud to be Muslim.

Something new you’d like to try: Skydiving

Your favorite bands: 5th Sense

Who would play you in a movie: Angelina Jolie

Your favorite spot in Maine: Wayfinder

Favorite holiday? Eid

The one thing you’re most passionate about: Graduating

WS: Anything else you’d like to add?

AD: I’m happy.