Wayfinder of the Week-Meet Tae!

Posted on Thursday December 31, 2015

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A Wayfinder Schools interview with student Tae Black
December 2015

WS: What brought you to Wayfinder Schools?

TB: I was going to school in Lewiston, but I skipped school a lot back in Detroit so I needed help to graduate.

WS: What have you enjoyed most about your Wayfinder Schools experience so far?

TB: I enjoy the weekend activities. The thing I enjoyed most of all was Global Thanksgiving. Also camping, rock climbing, the beach, Acadia and going out to pizza.

WS: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far this year?

TB: American Sign Language. We’ve learned a whole bunch of different words. I didn’t think I’d ever study sign language, but we’ve learned a lot.

WS: What’s your favorite class and why?

TB: Writing class. I like the poetry. My favorite so far has been Let the Light Enter, which was a winner in the 2014 Poetry Out Loud competition.

WS: What’s the favorite meal you’ve cooked so far at school and why?

TB: Bacon meatloaf. It was just good. I’ve never had it before.

WS: Where is your internship and what do you like best about it?

TB: My internship is at Tanglewood. One day I might be driving the tractor, another day working the trails, it’s something new every day.

WS: What’s been your favorite volunteer project and why?

TB: I think my favorite was The Camden International Film Festival. I enjoyed that because one of the other students was really nervous about it and I got to help her out; I like interacting with the public. And we got to see one of the movies afterwards. I also liked running to raise money in the Scare ME 5K. We all ran. I wore a blue hairdo.

WS: What do you hope to get out of your Wayfinder Schools experience?

TB: I want to change my attitude, learn to appreciate things more.

WS: What are your hopes and plans for after graduation?

TB: Military or flight school. I want to be a pilot.

WS: What would you like people to know about Wayfinder Schools?

TB: It’s an experience like no other. An experience you won’t forget.

WS: What would you like the world to know about you?

TB: I think of Detroit every day, everything is different, but in a good way. The hardest part of being here is being homesick, being away from home. But I’m learning new life skills, learning to deal with people, learning to trust them.

Fourteen facts about you


Where you were born: Detroit, Michigan


Your favorite food: Bacon meatloaf


Your favorite sound or smell: Perfume


Your favorite hobby or thing to do in your spare time: Playing sports, especially basketball


Your favorite possession: My Nike Air Max


Favorite book you’ve read recently: The Cartel. It’s about a gang in Florida. There’s a lot of drama.


One place you’d like to travel to: Madagascar, because it’s cool. And Antarctica, because in summer it’s light all day and in winter it’s dark all day.


Something you’re proud of: Sticking with this program. And sticking with my job.

Editor’s note: Tae has a full time job at a hospital kitchen, where he works when he goes home on vacation.


Something new you’d like to try: Lacrosse


Your favorite band or song: Taylor Swift


Who would play you in a movie: Kevin Hartley


Your favorite spot in Maine: Camden


Favorite holiday? Christmas


The one thing you’re most passionate about: My family