Wayfinder of the Week-Meet Nikki!

Posted on Friday January 8, 2016

Meet Nikki-Wayfinder of the Week 1-7-16!


Nikki is a June 2014 graduate of our Passages Program for young parents. She is the proud mom of Maximus, age 2, and Heavenly, age 4 months.
WS: How did you hear about Wayfinder Schools?

NDH: I was 17 and attending Lewiston High School when I learned I was pregnant. I’d been kicked out at the time, so Mary Seaman, the homeless youth liaison, told me about Wayfinder.

WS: What was the most challenging part?

NDH: My first baby, Lily, passed away. After Lily passed away, I went back to the program, but I’d been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress┬ádisorder. Being around other people was really hard. I wanted to disappear. Luckily I had a good support system, and my teacher Katy. She’s the best teacher ever.

WS: What was the most helpful part of the program?

NDH: Everything. I liked meeting up with the other moms so I didn’t feel so alone. I liked learning new things. I think my favorite was the infant massage class where we learned how to help babies with colic. This really helped me with Max.

WS: In what other ways did Passages help with parenting, and balancing parenting with school work?

NDH: Max got playtime with other kids and he liked Katy a lot. Katy felt like a different mom. She was almost like a friend but she really pushed me to get my work done. I couldn’t thank her enough.

WS: What’s the most interesting thing you learned in the Passages Program?

NDH: Probably the practical life skills, like budgeting. Budgeting and nutrition. I still use the things I learned then.

WS: Did you have a favorite volunteer project or field trip?

NDH: We went to visit some seniors who really enjoyed having us visit and I liked going to the Auburn food bank and learning about how that works.

WS: What was your favorite book you read for Passages?

NDH: Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult. We had a free read so I read that and wrote an essay about it. It was sort of a cross between fairy tale and reality. I connected with it a lot.

WS: What would you like people to know about the challenges of young parenthood, or parenthood in general?

NDH: It’s really difficult. One thing–if they’re crying you just have to take a deep breath and walk out of the room for a minute. It’s really hard but you’ve just got to do it.

WS: What are your hopes and dreams for your kids?

NDH: That they will go far someday and be successful and all of it. That they’ll be good people.

WS: Can you tell me a bit about your Passages graduation project?

NDH: I was running a crafts business at the time, Busy Bee Crafts, and my photography business. So I participated in Lewiston’s Y-Not?, where you get to meet people and learn about other businesses. I learned a lot about running a business-there’s a lot to it! That was huge for me, my whole Passage Project, I took a lot away from that, learning from other businesses, getting out and meeting new people.

WS: How did you feel on graduation day?

NDH: Oh my gosh. I was so happy but really sad at the same time because I wanted to stay part of the program. It was the only thing I did for myself. I really miss it.

WS: What have you been doing since graduation?

NDH: We got married and we got a new rental house on some big land, which is nice. I’m a stay at home mom and my husband works at Irving. I still have my photography business. I did really well this year. I had to sell my old camera to pay some bills but I’m getting a new one, an upgrade.

WS: What would you like people to know about Wayfinder Schools?

NDH: It’s an awesome program. I got a lot out of it emotionally. I’ve learned a lot. My favorite part was learning things you can take out of school-practical things-nutrition, first aid. It was definitely a good emotional thing for me after I lost Lily. It helped me get through.

WS: What would you like people to know about you?

NDH: I’m glad I went to the program. I’m a good mom and I try to do everything I can for my kids.

Fourteen Facts about you

Where do you live? Rumford

Favorite hobby or thing to do in your spare time: I crochet at night after the kids go to sleep. Blankets, everything.

Favorite spot in Maine: Bethel

Favorite book? Lord of the Rings

Favorite movie? Lord of the Rings

Dream job: Photographer

Kind of photography you like to take: Maternity, kids, family.

One of your favorite photo shoots? The 2015 Passages graduation. It was nice to see everyone, Martha, Katy, all the teachers. I was always up for helping and being part of the program. It’s really rewarding, that whole experience, I really hope I can continue to help.

Favorite family meal: Biscuits and gravy

Favorite band: Pink Floyd

One place you’d like to travel to: Oregon. I hear they have great lightening storms!

Favorite thing to do with your kids: Probably Legos with Max.

Your kids’ favorite book: The Owl Baby. Max is actually named after Max from Where the Wild Things Are, but the funny thing is he won’t sit through that whole book!

Something you’re proud of: Being a mom

You can check out Nicole’s photography here