Experiential Learning Expeditions (E.L.E.)

E.L.E. is an integral component of the Residential Program.  Once a month, students participate in off-campus learning expeditions to various locations throughout Maine, New England and occasionally, beyond.

Recent expeditions have taken us to New York, Boston, D.C., Acadia National Park, Baxter State Park , etc.

Most of our expeditions take place on weekends, leaving Friday afternoon and returning to school on Sunday.  In addition, three longer six-night expeditions are scheduled throughout the year.

These expeditions are intended to broaden our awareness of various issues, cultivate self-reflection and personal growth, and deepen our collective sense of community.

During expeditions, participants are expected to pull their own weight and to fully participate in various communal chores and activities.   Often, we will be sleeping in tents, cooking on camp stoves, driving long distances, and going extended periods of time without a shower.

Positive attitudes, adventurous spirits, and an overall willingness to be open-minded, team-oriented, and flexible are essential elements of the E.L.E. program.

Residential students pictured on the Brooklyn Bridge during a trip to NYC