Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a typical day like at Wayfinder Schools?
Please follow this link for more information about a typical day at Wayfinder Schools.
Who can apply?
Any student, aged 16-20, who has completed some high school level work may apply for admission to Wayfinder Schools.
Can my parents visit?
Yes. Visits should be arranged ahead of time so as not to conflict with group specialty classes, work placements or other off-campus activities.
What about friends?
Students who wish to have friends visit campus must arrange for prior approval from Residential Program staff.
Will I graduate with a high school diploma?
Yes, all Community Schools students who complete the required coursework will graduate with a State of Maine high school diploma.
What is the course work like?
Please see the academics section for more information about required course work.
What is an ELE?
ELE stands for Experiential Learning Expedition and is part of Community Schools graduation requirements. Please click on the link for more information.
Can I hold a job while I’m at the school?
Yes, in fact, holding a job or internship is a requirement for graduation. During the first two weeks of the term, we will help you find a job or internship that reflects your own interests and goals. After that, you will be expected to attend your job or internship placement every morning, Monday-Friday, from 9:00-12:00.
Do I have to share a room with other people?
During each term, we accept four male students and four female students. All students at Wayfinder Schools share a bedroom and bathroom with other people of the same gender. Additionally, all students have access to the shared kitchen, dining room and living room.
Can I bring my own food? What if I’m a vegan, vegetarian or have food allergies?
All students have input into the weekly menu and grocery shopping lists. All special dietary requests will be accommodated. Additionally, students may label and store their own food in the shared kitchen.
Can I bring my own car?
For insurance reasons, students cannot bring their own cars to school with them. Staff will transport students to job placements, medical appointments, etc. Downtown Camden is an easy walk from campus, and students are able to walk to stores, galleries, cafes, the library, bank and post office.
Can I bring my own lap-top and cell phone?
Yes, students at Wayfinder Schools may bring their own lap-tops and cell phones, however, staff and students determine together the guidelines around use of technology at the start of the school year. Access to certain websites is prohibited.