What does a typical day for a Residential student look like?

tyle_sunriseA typical day for a Residential student usually begins with a healthy breakfast, an early morning workout, and a few hours of work at a local apprenticeship site.

Between lunch and dinner, an experienced teacher facilitates group specialty class(es) and guides each student through a period of independent learning time (I.LT.)  Towards the end of afternoon academics, one individual student (a different one each week) breaks away from the group and begins to prepare dinner with help from a culinary instructor.  After dinner, students complete evening chores before volunteer tutors from the community arrive to assist students with their individualized projects and core class requirements.  Evening activities are planned and supervised by Residential Overnight Counselors.


All Crew Thursdays provide an opportunity for students and staff to spend an entire day together.   Following our afternoon resolution circle, students share a few hours with their one-to-one advisors before sitting down for a family-style dinner and community check-in.

On weekends, students are either embarking on an experiential learning expedition (E.L.E.), completing student service projects, having fun at a community event, visiting with family and friends, going home for a weekend or vacation break, catching up on school work, or getting some much needed rest.