Work Program

Residential students are required to find an internship in the local community while attending Wayfinder Schools. Upon enrollment, students receive a two-week grace period to obtain a work placement off campus.  During this time, students complete trainings in resume writing, interview skills, and professionalism.  Typical work schedules are from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, Monday through Thursday.  Students are encouraged to seek apprenticeship placements that coincide with their personal interests, strengths, and skills.  Students may occasionally receive a modest stipend from their work placement site.  More importantly, they receive invaluable professional experience which they can use in finding future work.


  • Complete an accelerated work-ready program in which students focus on professional skills such as crafting a cover letter and resume and enhancing professional communication and interview skills
  • Conduct a job search, which includes making phone calls, scheduling interviews, filling out applications, and following up with potential employers
  • Attend work placement Monday through Thursday 9-12 while living residentially at Wayfinder Schools
  • Compose a work program testimonial

Click here for more details about Work Program Objectives.

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