By completing these requirements, students will be meeting the following objectives:

  • Have a basic understanding of the changing roles of men and women in an increasingly diverse society
  • Develop an awareness of their individual interests, aptitudes, skills, and values in relation to demands of the workplace; set goals for future work and understand the necessary preparation
  • Recognize the value of dependability, productivity, and initiative in all areas of life
  • Understanding work as a means of economic survival and as an important source of personal identity and satisfaction
  • Have ability to make informed career and life choices
  • Have basic knowledge of development of modern technology and its effects on people and the environment
  • Have basic knowledge of work and the structure and functions of the labor market
  • Use language to work cooperatively and effectively with others
  • Solve problems by applying strategies and solutions to new situations

(Objectives based on Maine’s Common Core of Learning Document, 1990:  Appendix page 40, Applied Technology and Vocational Education)