My Passage – Raising Money for the Childrens Cancer Program

Posted on Saturday January 30, 2010

Jane and her son

Jane and her son

by Jane, Passages Student
I think the Passages Program through Wayfinder Schools is a really great program. It doesn’t just teach you what a normal high school would. You learn real life experiences. I personally grew a lot in this program since I started. I have learned a lot and figured out what I want to do after high school for a career. I think I have become a better person in every way. When I first got pregnant I thought, how I am supposed to finish high school with three years left? and then a friend told me about Wayfinder Schools. If it weren’t for this program I wouldn’t be getting my diploma.

Another thing I like about Passages is the teachers in it. Everyone is so nice and encouraging, especially my teacher. Andréa has done a lot for me. She took me to a lot of school workshops and listened to my excuses. She also did a lot outside of school including taking me to Timothy’s appointments. She did a lot more than what a teacher is expected to do. This is why I love this program.

My Passage

For my passage I decided to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Program. I picked to do this as a project because I have always wanted to help and give children hope that are sick. I want to become a pediatric nurse, too. Our team goal was to raise 700 dollars and we did it.

Jane and her team

Jane and her Team

I learned that in the future I would organize things better and stay on a stricter schedule. For example, I should have made a list of whom I needed to call when I was canceling the first bake sale. I also learned that I can plan something and follow through with it and have it turn out nice. In the future I might do another fundraiser for children. I also learned how to work with other people on a project. The team that I chose ended up being a good team that helped a lot. One of my teammates had a lot of good ideas but didn’t follow through, so my other team members took over for her. I learned from her that I will always show up or at least call if I am going to miss something, because not following through is frustrating for others. I think this was a good project for me because it showed me I could finish what I started and have it come out well. This project turned out to be rewarding and fun.