Right Click Computers right match for Wayfinder Schools’ Career Exploration Program

Posted on Wednesday March 2, 2011

One of the many things that sets Wayfinder Schools apart from its traditional counterparts is its focus on jobs and career skills. Through the school’s Career Exploration Opportunities Program, Wayfinder Schools students practice job skills like interviewing, crafting resumes, writing cover letters and completing job applications. They also work four mornings each week at part-time jobs in the community, thereby by gaining hands-on skills and real life experience they can apply to their post-graduation careers.
One of this year’s students, Everett “Ebbie” Polches of Indian Township, knew all about the jobs program, and even where he wanted to work, before he enrolled at the school. That’s because Polches’s older cousin, Tyler Sabattis, also of Indian Township, graduated from Wayfinder Schools last year, and he’d told Polches all about his own job placement, at Right Click Computers in Rockport.
“I thought it was a good idea,” Polches said. “I’ve always been into computers and electronics, and when we gave Tyler a ride home one day, he said Hutch (Right Click owner Anthony “Hutch” Hutchinson) was really cool, so I knew I might end up working here.”
Indeed, Polches now spends four mornings each week at Right Click, where he has a variety of responsibilities-everything from testing machines, recycling computer parts and restoring laptops, to less glamorous duties like taking out the garbage. Hutchinson said of Polches’s work, “He’s real reliable. He helps us out with a little of everything. He’s good at making something out of nothing and has restored one or two laptops. He’s a self-starter.”
Polches said, “I like everything about being here, and everything I’ve learned from here. I knew a lot about computers from my older brother, but this is a good way to teach me more and refresh my memory. “
Polches said he is thinking about taking a web design course, an idea Hutchinson supports. Polches said he hopes to return to the reservation after graduation, and maybe to make computer house calls or work in the tribal governor’s office.
“Everything I like is based around computers,” Polches said. “I knew I was going to get a real job when I came to the school,” he said. “I like coming to work, and yes, I think it will improve my career skills-waking up in the morning and coming to work. What I like about The C-School is we’re at school, but we’re not held captive. We’re allowed to live life and get real life experience. “
For his part, Hutchinson said he would definitely recommend the internship program to other businesses. “It’s a plus for everyone,” he said. “We’re helping each other out.” Polches agreed, and added, “Hutch is cool; he’s the man.”