One final post from the Big Apple…

Posted on Wednesday March 16, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

After a late night in Time Square, we slept in this morning. We had a pleasant, warm, sunny morning circle on the veranda at our beautiful firehouse home. Then after an extremely crowded ride on the subway we landed at the American Museum of Natural History. We watched SEA REX, an Imax movie. Then had two hours of walk-around time to see what we could see. Highlights included the Brain Exhibit, the giant dug out canoe, lots of dinosaur bones and learning about indigenous people. We had the pleasure of meeting Mom and Pop Huff (Joseph’s Parents),at the museum. We took a leisurely stroll through central park which culminated in an unplanned “Afro-Bat” show. The show combined comedy with dancing and acrobatics. At the end of the park, we got in touch with our inner child at FAO Swartz. Candy was bought and eaten. We also met back up with Scott Fried to say goodbye and he thanked us for spending time in the city he calls home. Our subway ride home was uneventful in a bittersweet-goodbye-kind-of-way. We came back to our firehouse/Diantha’s Hair Salon where some of the girls got a city-chic new look.

A Maine-style Saturday night tradition of beans and franks is on the menu as we get ready for packing up and circle. A walk to the pier for our Good Bye to Jersey City is in order as well. Home tommorow, back to the grind.

Signing off,

Cathy and Amanda