NYC Blog, Day 3 with the Camden crew

Posted on Thursday March 14, 2013

Student Blog Post-Day 3

Hi I’m Katrina, today I was the blogger-film taker. Today we started our day by a long, crowded subway ride. We continued to St Thomas Cathedral, a church with awesome designs. I loved watching the man in the church play piano upstairs because I thought it was just a track playing itself in the church. After we left the church we went to a museum (MoMA) and looked at whatever types of art interested us. After we left that we broke into groups and went shopping with a few staff and students at the stores of our choice for fourty five minutes, meeting back near Rockefeller Place. Than we went to Chelsea and walked the High Line all the way to Chelsea Market and got Italian sandwiches or pasta, and some got falafels from a street vender. We just finished a long circle and discussing art, now headed to bed!