NYC Blog, Day 4 with the Camden crew

Posted on Friday March 15, 2013

Student Blog Post-Day 4

Hi I’m Steve!  Today was an awesome day and pretty eventful! I personally went to the zoo in Central Park with my good friend Joseph.  After that, we found the chocolate factory at FAO Schwartz where I was temped to spend $20 on two pounds of candy but decided against it.  We walked for a while and found a diamond in the rough – an awesome video game store selling old and new style games.  After that we went to the Blue Man group  – that was an experience!  I was weird, funny, and Corey and Sasha even got their heads patted by Blue Men.  It was all pretty awesome.  That was our day!  I like New York, I enjoy the food and the culture but I miss the Maine soil and it doesn’t feel anything like home.