NYC Blog, Day 5 with the Camden crew

Posted on Saturday March 16, 2013

Student Blog Post-Day 5

Hi I’m Peyton! Today my chore was “daily blogger, etc…” and my job is to write down what we did today and what I liked best! We started off the day travelling to Brooklyn to donate some of our time to help the organization “Meals on Wheels” which is a place that packs, cooks, and delivers food to residents of NYC that have little to no food. After packing lunches for a few hours I went with some of the students and staff to the Superhero Store in Brooklyn, where we split up into three groups. One group went to the Natural History Museum, another went to Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Headquarters and the last and final group – which consisted of the most awesome people (me, Emily, Kat L. and me) – went to one of the many MTV headquarters and saw how they make the show “True Life.” When we reconvened at around 3:30, we all went to an Indian restaurant to celebrate our last day together in New York and Sasha’s birthday. And even later that evening (when we all had to pee) we went to Emily’s Dad’s apartment and the penthouse there to look at the city from a different angle. Then we met Emily’s brother and his girlfriend and they gave us a small tour of Times Square. A little while ago, we went off on our last subway and Path ride back to the firehouse in Jersey City. I think the two favorite parts of my day was meeting Morgan from MTV and seeing myself on the big Hundya screen in Times Square.