NYC Blog, Day 3 with the Opportunity Farm crew!

Posted on Monday March 18, 2013

Student Blog Post-Day 3, Gilbert M. Brown II
So today we started off with going to the Brooklyn Bridge. We got hot coffee and met up with Dottie and Fred. Dustin and Clay had fun trying to feed the birds. Dottie and Fred joined us for the long walk across the bridge. Then we went for a journey to find a bathroom, which took quite a while, but we found one! From there we went and got pizza at Grimaldi’s, which was very tasty. Next we went to the MoMA and had the best art class ever. We got to see Starry Night and Scream. The photo I posted was of The False Mirror, which caught my eye.  I found it intensely interesting. From there we started our way home, catching the subway to 14th, to hop on the path train back to Jersey. We got off at Grove St and walked back home to relax a little bit before dinner and our night circle.