Our Global Thanksgiving

Posted on Tuesday December 10, 2013

A Wayfinder Schools Tradition…

We do Thanksgiving a bit differently at Wayfinder Schools, and it all started back in ’09 with our first ever Global Thanksgiving celebration in Camden.  The brainchild of Lead Teacher & Curriculum Coordinator Carrie Braman, Global Thanksgiving got its start with this book, Hungry Planet.


hungry planet

Every year, students are asked to select a country featured in Hungry Planet, and to research the typical food budget for an average family in that country.  They also research other statistics from that country, including literacy rates, life expectancy and more.



After writing a research paper about their selected country, and graphing their statistics in comparison to the countries selected by their classmates, each student prepares a meal typical of their country, based on an average family’s food budget.



They work with our culinary instructors to find the needed ingredients, and to prepare their meals.  Each year, the students prepare incredible soups, casseroles, meat and vegetarian dishes, appetizers, and desserts.  They also design a small display to accompany their meal.



But here’s the best part.  When it’s time to eat, our entire school community gathers together-students, teachers, administrators, friends and family-to share in the feast prepared by the students.




During the meal, each student presents their research to the assembled crowd-this year, close to 100 people! But before closing their presentations, each student shares something for which they feel Thanksgiving gratitude-friends, family, school, access to safe housing, clean water, healthy food…




Global Thanksgiving simply combines the best of everything Wayfinder Schools is all about: in this one project, students are practicing reading, writing, math, research skills, art, public speaking, budgeting, culinary arts, history, geography, social studies, social justice and diversity and the importance of community.


And as a bonus this year, we also got to celebrate the birthday of Kalar, one of our amazing Opportunity Farm students!


Happy Thanksgiving to all!