An excerpt from The Passages Press, by student Kayla Wing

Posted on Sunday December 29, 2013


Excursions by Kayla Wing senior center

My son Bryson is four months old. He’s a happy and outgoing baby. Bryson and I started going to music classes when he was about three months old. We also started to go to story time and a baby wearing class. The music classes we go to are in Bath, Brunswick and Topsham. At the music classes we sing songs, read stories and do some activities with the babies.

It has been really fun and special to see my child grow and be happy. I love meeting the moms at the music classes, but they are not my age – they are 25 and up. It would be a lot more comfortable if I had some moms my age. I go to these music classes because it’s good for my baby to learn and be around other children. It’s also good for me, as well, because I’m getting out and trying to meet new people and also experiencing how other people parent. I know I’m doing a great job.

The story time I go to is included in the music classes at the Brunswick Library. It’s good for Bryson to hear someone else read to him, because he is learning just as much as when he is at home. I read and sing to my son every day – once in the morning and once at night. It’s going to help him so much in school. Most importantly, he’s hearing his mother’s voice.

The baby wearing class I go to is at Mid Coast Hospital. That is a class where moms show you how to hold your baby in different baby wear. It’s a really great class, and I’d recommend anyone to go who has a newborn or an infant. Being a mom is amazing, but you need to get stuff done like dishes or picking up the house, and it’s good for you and your baby to be next to each other when doing those things.

I also go to the Mid Coast Senior Center with the Passages teachers and other moms. That has been a wonderful experience, not just for Bryson, but for me as well, because I’m getting out and also showing my child different people. Their brains are learning so rapidly and getting out and taking your baby to all these places is so good for them!