New student artwork: Our Hope Elephants mural!

Posted on Tuesday December 31, 2013

By Creative Arts Coordinator Alexis Iammarino


During three recent Art Workshops, the Camden students and I loaned our talents and energies to an educational outreach project of Hope Elephants. Together, we created a large-scale mural panel for this local wildlife conservation organization.


We made a visit to the Elephant Barn with Dr. Jim Laurita, and Lindsay Pinchbeck at Sweet Tree Arts hosted us in her community arts space to work on our panel. Participating groups were asked to illustrate themes that relate to the Hope Elephant’s mission: to provide a unique and caring home for injured and aging elephants, and to provide an educational program that inspires visitors to participate in wildlife conservation.


Our group’s panel contains symbolic imagery of various elephant mythologies in Asia and Africa, the story of ancient elephants and the modern day African Savannah.


Initiated by the Hope Elephants organization, this mural project engaged several local school groups and young artists, including Wayfinder Schools, in creating original art for their elephant barn in Hope. This project, like all their educational and outreach programs will raise awareness about wildlife conservation and the need to protect and preserve elephants. 


Here are Hope Elephants two resident elephants, Rosie & Opal:


rosie & opal

And here are a few photos of our mural in progress:

 hope mural5hope mural hope mural 3hope mural 11