Winter on the Farm, by Margo Fowler

Posted on Wednesday March 12, 2014

Winter on the Farm

By Margo Fowler

What a long winter it’s been here on the farm! Our school is by far the coldest and windiest spot in our town since it is the highest elevation of New Gloucester. It’s still quite beautiful nonetheless.

Danielle and Dean are working hard at their farm jobs. Danielle is keeping her horses happy by her daily brushings, feedings and cleaning of their stalls. She works so hard and doesn’t mind the cold! Dean has witnessed some calf and piglet births. He’s always full of stories about funny and sometimes sad animal life on a Maine farm.

Joelle and Megan love working with elementary kids. Joelle made some Oobleck for a Dr. Seuss story her students were reading, and they loved the messy stuff. Megan has been working individually with students who need extra help reading during library time. Both their site supervisors have expressed their appreciation for their hard work and love of small children.

Keyanna has been enjoying her clients at Clover Manor. She has been doing seasonal crafts with them, as well as giving the women manicures and helping with life story interviews. Keyanna asks them a series of questions to assess the level of their current memory loss. A very important task, and must it be done in a caring and loving manner so that her clients don’t become stressed over their confusion or loss of memory.

Kalar is keeping the runway clear at the Lewiston/Auburn Municipal Airport during this very snowy winter. He enjoys hanging out with his coworkers in the warming building in between plane landings and departures.

Zac has begun to learn chair caning at his job site and has brought home samples of his work. His site supervisor is thrilled that he has interest, since he feels this is an art that is dwindling away. Zac is also willing to lend a hand when the chicken coop needs extra cleaning, or cleaning one of our houses after a training.

Ibraheem has been super busy since it’s tax season at his State Farm job, and his garage has been busy with tire and brake jobs. I tease him about how professional he looks one day, and how he comes home covered in grease the other days. He still wants hugs after each day!

Looking forward to warmer days so we can play basketball and walk the trails of our beautiful campus. Since we leave for New York City next week, we’re making a NYC wish list for our dining room. So far we have requests for: shopping on Fifth Avenue, Museums, Central Park, Madame Tussauds wax museum, and lots of city food samplings. Ibraheem has added a music playlist that he plans to make for our road trip. Lots of fun music to look forward to!