Our week in New York City with the Camden crew! Student Blog Post #1

Posted on Friday March 21, 2014

It’s our annual trip to New York City!

As always, students will be sending updates from the road, and here’s a summary of our first day in the big city (The 9/11 Memorial, Wall Street, Chinatown, Little Italy, The Pickle Guys and The Tenement Museum)


By Mitch mitch iron man


Waking up was a bit hectic but it was our first day. That was to be expected. After getting out of the apartments, we headed to the subway and began our first journey into New York City. We got out of the subway right next to 7 World Trade Center and took a journey through the 9/11 Memorial.


Then we went over to get some amazing donuts from Doughnut Plant. After the donuts, 10 of us went to a tour about Irish immigrants then met up with the other five people back at the donut shop.


Upon arriving but before getting some fantastic pickles from the Pickle Guys, us kids received a generous gift of spending money from Verizon Wireless. Afterward, we went through China Town on our way to Little Italy, ate some cannoli, then back to China Town to do some shopping (swords, roast ducks, and kimono dresses galore!). Once we got our groceries, we headed home to enjoy a lovely stir-fry courtesy of Carrie.

D2-Little Italy D2-Pickle Guys