Our Week in New York City with the Camden crew! Student Blog Post # 2

Posted on Friday March 21, 2014

Day 2: Central Park, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Natural History Museum, FAO Schwarz, pizza, falafel and volunteering with Meals on Wheels!


Here’s a summation from Cliff and Emily B.


A veritable account of our March 18th in the Big Apple; year fourteen-and-two-thousand:


The day began with a quick breakfast, and then we headed out to 49th street to visit the City Meals on Wheels Foundation. There, we were split into four groups, given two totes on a cart, a list of addresses, and we were all sent out. My group consisted of Emily, Carrie, Cheyanne, and myself, and while we were given the least amount of addresses, I can say with utter certainty they were the farthest apart! Luckily enough, they were located in beautiful hotels- we were escorted by security in one!- and the weather was perfect for walking; sunny, but with enough wind to remind you you weren’t in California. After we gave out all the meals (there was a hot meal and cold meal per person) we rendezvoused at the Meals on Wheels building, thence, continuing to the Central Park area, ate delicious pizza pies altogether.

Next on the agenda was touring one of two museums; the National History Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I chose the latter, teaming up with Mitchell, Evie, Cliff, Cathy, Emily, and Alexis. The museum was huge, and I couldn’t possibly remember all of the artifacts we saw, but the things that stood out to me most were the Victorian drawing rooms and boudoirs, the Greek sculptures, and the Japanese armor. 

After the museum, we met at a giant toy store, where Evie and I witnessed screaming children and rooms filled with candy and baby toys. Cheyanne got a gift for her sister, Cathy got a gift for her nephew. I didn’t get anything cause I ain’t about that life. 

Lastly, after a couple stops for coffee and falafels, we all had dinner and a circle at the apartment. Overall, though the journey was long and pretty exhausting, it was a really fun day. 


– Emily B and Cliff