Our Week in New York City with the Camden crew! Student Blog Post # 3

Posted on Saturday March 22, 2014

Day 3: MOMA, Blue Man Group, shopping, new foods & more!

By Carlos

Carlos in his new coat!

Carlos in his new coat!


March 21st 2014

Today we started our day at 8:00am bright and early, we packed snacks and out the door we went. We took a spectacular subway ride once again and everyone was very spunky and energetic! After we took the subway to New York from Jersey we made our way to MOMA and enjoy a lot of the art work that was being displayed. Each student picked a piece of art work and admired it for five minutes. My favorite piece was a chain reaction video,which I shared¬† with Mitch. It involved a lot of fire and projectiles and tires and gasoline. The MOMA was sparking with beautiful pieces of art from around the world. We all met back up at the end of our day at MOMA, there was a lot of conversation about what everybody saw. After the museum we went shopping and visited multiple stores; the Lego Store, Nintendo Store, H&M and a few thrift shops also trying some new foods. We met up with Dot and Fred at the Ruby Foo’s and had a lot of fun making origami and meeting Talo. Everybody definitely wants to go back and enjoyed all the food we got to eat. The calamari was my favorite it was so full of flavor and I must say they know how to cook some kick butt food!¬† After that we did a lot of shopping and visiting shops again. I bought a peacoat today and it fit perfectly. Later that night around 7:45pm we met up and went to see the Blue Man Group, I always wanted to see them and seeing them live for the first time was spectacular. The way they play drums and use the paint was incredible. My favorite part of the show was when they did the skit with the giant iPhones it was super cool and I am so honored that I was able to have the opportunity to see them. Big thanks to Elizabeth Simmons for donating us tickets. Shout out to Fred and Dot for taking us to a wonderful restaurant to meet people and try amazing foods. Thanks to the staff for bringing us yet another exciting, wonderful day!

-Carlos Andrade

Lunch at Ruby Foo's

Lunch at Ruby Foo’s