Our week in NYC with the Opportunity Farm crew! Post #1

Posted on Tuesday March 25, 2014

Our first day in the city with The Opportunity Farm crew!  Here’s the news from Joelle and Danielle:

By Joelle
Today at 9:00 A.M. with our bags and vans stuffed we left our home on the hill for New York City. Ibraheem spent hours creating our music playlist. We spent six hours on the road, and when we finally arrived Joseph was waiting outside for us with the biggest smile and welcoming arms. Our apartments to say the least are incredible with the most breathtaking view of the Hudson river and the Statue of Liberty. After settling in and running around our apartments we walked to the skyline water front. It was euphoric, I can’t imagine being here with a more incredible group of people, surrounding ourselves with great vibes, I know this will be an incredible week.

fun on the pier skyline

By Danielle
When we got to the water front, Joseph took portraits of everybody, while Ibraheem was jamming out to “New York, New York” and Megan and I were exploring a great wedding ceremony area, being our silly selves. When we left the water front, headed back to the apartment, we stopped to read the sign for the statue of the man with the bayonet in his back. This was pretty depressing history to be structured into a city of lively neighborhoods. It was a good first day, with many to follow.

Check it out!  Ibraheem on the first night in the city: ibraheem!