Our Week in NYC with The Opportunity Farm Crew! Post #2

Posted on Tuesday March 25, 2014

Day Two in the City, By Megan

Today, we woke up pretty early at around 6 A.M. and went to Grand Central, which was absolutely gorgeous and HUGE. We went and saw the whispering wall, which actually works! You go in the corner and you whisper, and whoever is on the other end can hear and can talk back to you. It’s really cool. We got some food, and then Zac fake-proposed to Crystal. That was a funny moment, considering while he was doing it she was on her phone.

The Whispering Wall at Grand Central Station

That’s us, at The Whispering Wall, Grand Central Station!

Then, we went to the MOMA, a.k.a. the Museum of Modern Art. All of us went around and saw some awesome pieces of art. “Starry Night” seemed to be the overall favorite painting of the group. Everyone enjoyed the museum immensely, and many of us want to go back!

After that, we hit Ruby Foo’s, which is an Asian-fusion restaurant. We went to lunch with Dottie and Fred, which was great and I’m very happy that we had the privilege to do so. There, we were introduced to Talo, who is Fred’s friend. Talo proceeded to teach us origami tricks as we ate delicious food. The dessert, I have to say in a personal opinion, was the BEST.

Ruby Foo's

Here we are at Ruby Foo’s

We then went to Times Square, which I can’t even describe. It was amazing, absolutely amazing. The energy was high, and so were our spirits as we looked around, most of us in shock at how truly perfect this city can be. After we looked around for a little bit, we all went separate ways and went shopping! That was also an important highlight for some of us.

And in Times Square

more times sqaure

Now, we are back at the apartment, waiting for dinner and circle. We did a lot, but there’s only so much I can tell! It was a thrilling adventure, and I cannot wait for the next one! Goodnight everyone.