Our week in NYC with The Opportunity Farm Crew! Post #3

Posted on Thursday March 27, 2014

Day 3 in the city: Volunteering with Meals on Wheels, touring the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Soccer in Central Park, Steak Taco Supper, Subway rides to remember and more-all on Ibraheem’s birthday!

Blog Post # 3, by Ibraheem: On my birthday, I wake up at 5:20 a.m.  I have been waking up before six every day of this NYC trip!  Coffee was going and I ate my pancake and turkey bacon breakfast.  We headed onto a jam-packed subway in frigid cold.  On the ride, out of nowhere, a guy breaks out a guitar and starts singing!  “Be the change that you want to see.  Only then will you find true peace,” he says to a reggae rhythm.  All the other noise around us went away.

Afterwards, we arrived at a senior center in Harlem.  We met up with Eloise, our volunteer guide, then got on a bus to deliver meals.  The elderly we saw were in tough situations.  To see their smiles made me forget it was my birthday.  The bus driver was so great to talk to.  He had a lot of knowledge about music and about life!  Back in the senior center, I met a guy from Tunisia.  We were talking and laughing and playing Bingo. bingo        meals on wheels Then, onto the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a small group split and went to the Natural History Museum.  At the MET, a friend from NYU joined me and we looked at a lot of greek sculpture.  We also saw old paintings, instruments, and some weaponry. amber met  the met copy Afterward, we headed to Central Park.  It was cold, but we had fun kicking the soccer ball around and seeing the first signs of spring poking up through the dirt.  Sadly, we had to give up the search for street vendors and go home early to get warm.  I finally did find a vendor in Jersey City, and got to have steak tacos!  Everybody sang to me at the circle meeting.  I was embarrassed to be sang to, but happy to have shared my birthday with everyone.  This is definitely a birthday I will never forget!

This Central Park bride & groom borrowed our soccer ball!

 wedding soccer!

Happy Birthday Ibraheem!

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