Our week in NYC with The Opportunity Farm crew!: Post #5

Posted on Wednesday April 2, 2014

Day 5: The Staten Isalnd Ferry, Blue Man Group, Brooklyn Bridge, SoHo, Indian food and more!  By Keyanna and Kalar:


We woke up on our 5th day, walked to the subway and made our way to the Staten Island Ferry.  After a nice trip across the bay and a view of the Statue of Liberty close up, we docked back at the mainland and headed for Brooklyn.  We went to a carousel that was on the shore by the bridge.  I named my horse “Horsie.”  I was dreading the Brooklyn Bridge, because the idea of walking on bridges scares me, but it was not so bad.  It was actually beautiful to see the water and all the Manhattan buildings.  I walked along the beams to feel safer.  I was determined to have a good time and I did!

brooklyn bridge lockskeyanna carousel

Here we are on The Brooklyn Bridge                                    Danielle & Horsie

Here we are on the carousel:carousel movie


As part the Brooklyn bridge adventure, we all went and ate a pizza at Grimaldi’s.  Some of us went shopping in SoHo. We ate at an Indian restaurant called Milon and then went and saw the Blue Man Group.  My favorite thing in NYC was the breakdancing.  We watched dancers in the subway do some incredible moves!  It put me in a good mood and I recorded the whole thing.  Blue Man Group was funny at first, but then it got scary.  The performers weren’t smiling; they were just staring at everyone.  The whole show was kind of funny, though.  At the end of the day, we got together for a circle meeting at midnight!  We were so tired, but people told their favorite things about the trip and it was nice to share.

kalar on the ferrykalar and jos kalar  and amber