Ducks, chickens, bees; kale, cabbage, peas

Posted on Wednesday July 16, 2014

Our wonderful new gardens atop the hill in New Gloucester are bustling with activity as Rachel, our new Garden Coordinator, tends to kale, chard, tomatoes, peas, beans, cabbage, garlic, greens, and much, much more.  Enough for both our own culinary program, and to distribute to low income seniors in Cumberland and Knox Counties.  Not only that, we’re raising chickens, ducks and bees; learning to tap trees; making our own pickles and jams and much more.  Add this to the baking of our daily bread and we’re becoming true localvores!

outdoor classroom Our new outdoor classroom, in the gardens at Opportunity Farm

Molly Molly, one of our three resident garden ducks!


new kale Kale and chard growing at the farm

wheelbarrow Working on the farm


spindly chard  Swiss chard growing in the garden


zac Zach working in the garden back in June

margo and crew

Margo and crew getting ready to work in the garden, June 2014


garden view A view from the garden