Carlos Andrade, our first Mitchell Scholar!

Posted on Thursday July 17, 2014

Carlos Adrade, Camden Residential Program Class of 2014 and our very first Mitchell Scholar!

Carlos Adrade, Camden Residential Program Class of 2014 and our very first Mitchell Scholar!

Since 1995, The Mitchell Institute has awarded more than $11 million in college scholarships to over 2,300 Maine students.  Applicants are selected on the basis of academic record, financial need and community impact. This year, one of our very own students, Carlos Andrade, was selected as Wayfinder Schools’ first-ever Mitchell Scholar!

Upon learning of his selection, Carlos said, “When I received the scholarship, I didn’t know what to think, the world just shut off for a few minutes and I couldn’t believe what I was reviewing and looking at.  I couldn’t tell you if I was excited or more shocked. I feel so honored to have been granted this scholarship. It has made me more excited about this up coming year! “

The mission of The Mitchell Institute is to “increase the likelihood that young people from every community in Maine will aspire to, pursue, and achieve a college education,” and their goal is to ensure “that no Maine student with the qualifications and ambition to pursue a college education should be denied that opportunity due to limited financial resources.”

The Mitchell Scholarship is about more than just financial support.  Recipients also receive guidance and mentoring throughout their college experience. This combined approach of both financial and personal support has proven highly effective: 85% of Mitchell Scholars complete college, 84% are working in career-related jobs and 40% have completed or are pursuing graduate degrees.

In addition to expressing deep gratitude to The Mitchell Institute, Carlos said, ““I do want to thank some additional people for their support; Wayfinder staff members Emily Sapienza, Joseph Hufnagel, Carrie Braman, Ethan Meigs, Evie, and Cathy Ames- Cruz. Without this group of people I don’t think I would be where I am at in life.  So thank you so much for all the support that was given to me! I’m going to attend Central Maine Community College and I am very excited to start this new journey.”

Congratulations Carlos and thank you to The Mitchell Institute for supporting the dreams and goals of our Wayfinders!