A Day in the Life of our Camden Campus

Posted on Monday October 27, 2014

Last Thursday was a busy day at our Camden Campus,beginning with a morning workout at The Y, and closing with a houseful of friends and family gathered ’round the piano-jamming on guitar, violin and makeshift drum, learning the box step and dining on homemade bread and soup and brownies.  In between, our Residential students went to work at their apprenticeship sites, performed their daily chores, attended theater class and more. 

Meanwhile, 18 of our Passages students and their young children gathered in the kitchen to make applesauce with apples donated by Biscay Orchards.  They also baked dog biscuits for a midcoast animal shelter and gathered ’round the dining table for arts and crafts (pumpkin painting and apple prints). Later they watched the documentary film Girls Rising and heard from local legislator Joan Welsh about the importance of voting.  Then it was time for our Open House!  Here’s a glimpse of some of the action:


day in the life of camden

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