Perfect Chemistry: Science and Art come together during our trip to Waterfall Arts

Posted on Friday November 14, 2014

Last Saturday our Camden crew visited Waterfall Arts and their new exhibit: Experimental Comminglings

alix, papi, sabryna

Waterfall Arts, based in Belfast, describes the exhibit like this: “This a hands-on installation by Bethany Engstrom and Siglinde Langholz: a hybrid of science lab and art studio, the artists invite the audience to fully engage with, alter and transform the materials. The focus is on experimentation with natural materials and liquids in a variety of containers, with constantly evolving options due to the interaction of participants. Engstrom and Langholz are interdisciplinary and installation artists who are currently exploring ways to create new engagements with the audience by extending the way we all observe, understand, and relate to contemporary art.

typewriter    papi jars
In these pictures you’ll see Wayfinder students creating experiments/ miniature compositions with materials in the exhibit, entering data to the exhibit catalogue, printing off take-home postcards of their explorations and adding their work to the wall’s archive.

papi and emily   everyone table
It was a blast!

hanging dishpapi