An Interview with Camden Student Rakeem Sullivan

Posted on Sunday November 16, 2014

A Wayfinder Schools interview with student Rakeem Sullivan, Camden

 rakeem jumping rakeem boarding

October 2014

WS: What made you decide to come to Wayfinder Schools?

 RS: I wanted my diploma and regular high school just wasn’t cutting it. I met with Joseph and Pam from Wayfinder and it seemed like the best way for me to get a real diploma.

WS: What have you enjoyed most about your Wayfinder Schools experience so far?

RS: Getting to know different people and making new friends. It’s just awesome that all these people from different backgrounds can come together, find something in common, and make a lifelong connection.

WS: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far this year?

RS: The most interesting thing I’ve learned this year is about the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and how America has a dark history of mistreatment of the Indians, but most American school systems never really focus on that.  They focus more on what Germany did to the Jews.

WS: What’s your favorite class and why?

RS: Probably American Sign Language, because I’m really good at it, and because being able to communicate with someone who can’t hear is pretty amazing!

WS: What’s the favorite meal you’ve cooked so far at school and why?

RS: Shepherd’s Pie, because it’s really good and I’ve enjoyed it as long as I’ve lived and I finally learned how to cook it!

WS: Where is your internship and what do you like best about it?

RS: My internship is with the dance studio Kinetic Energy Alive, and my favorite part is probably learning different styles of dance.

WS: How did you choose it?

RS: I’ve had a love of dance ever since I started dancing three years ago, and finding someone in the community who does Hip Hop pretty much made up my mind that that’s where I wanted to go.

WS: What’s been you favorite trip at Wayfinder and why?

RS: Probably Acadia. Because I really enjoyed being able to go rock climbing, and the campground was beautiful, and I love nature.

WS: What’s been you favorite volunteer project and why?

RS: Probably stacking wood for Arifa in Damariscotta because we were able to get our star charts read afterwards. Astrology has been one of my biggest interests and my reading was completely accurate.

WS: What do you hope to get out of your experience at Wayfinder Schools?

RS: A diploma and better social skills.

WS: What are your hopes and plans for after graduation?

RS: I want to go to a college that offers a sports medicine major and a dance minor so I can own my own dance studio one day.

WS: How did you get into dance?

RS: I was walking past Tree Street Youth after one of my Army Cadet meetings and the door was open and I saw people dancing.  So I walked in and joined. I enjoyed it so much that I kept at it and apparently I have natural talent, so that helps, too!

WS: What would you like people to know about Wayfinder Schools?

RS: It’s a really awesome program. It can be hard at times, but the benefits of overcoming those challenges are way worth the struggle.

WS: What would you like the world to know about you?

RS: I’m a determined, hard working dancer who fully intends to achieve his dreams.

Fifteen facts about you:

Where you were born: Alabama

Your favorite color: Blue

Your favorite food: Lasagna

Your favorite sound or smell: Nature

Your favorite hobby or thing to do in your spare time: Dance

Your favorite possession: My dancing glove

Your favorite book or or movie: The Percy Jackson series

Your favorite snack: Pretzels

One place you’d like to travel to: Greece

Something you’re proud of: Getting into Wayfinders

Something new you’d like to try: Surfing

Who would play you in a movie: Will Smith

Your favorite spot in Maine: Rangley

The one thing you’re most passionate about: Dance

Anything else you’d like us to know: I’m also a musician and I play three instruments: Flute, Piano and Percussion