30 Days of Giving

Posted on Thursday December 18, 2014

Thirty Days of Giving-Your Support Makes a Difference!

December 1: We’re kicking off our annual appeal today.  Look for yours in the mail or visit http://wayfinderschools.org/contribute/donate!

December 2: It’s Giving Tuesday!  You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but December 2 is all about giving back-to your favorite charity!

December 3: As the weather gets colder, our students need all sorts of winter gear: hats, mittens, coats, snow pants, warm socks, water proof gloves, long johns, boots, you name it!

December 4: Did you know that our Passages Program for teen parents offers home visits for parents and babies in 8 Maine counties?  We always welcome gas cards or any contributions toward our travel costs.

December 5: Speaking of travel, each year our Residential students spend 5 days in NYC, experiencing the sights and sounds of the big city, visiting museums and historic sites, seeing live theater performances, navigating the subway, trying new foods and even volunteering with Meals on Wheels. Your contribution will help get them there, and ensure admission to The Natural History Museum, MoMA, The Met and more!

December 6: Did you know each of our Residential Program students holds a part-time job in the community?  And they learn to complete job applications, write resumes and practice mock interviews. Your support helps ensure our students get all the support they need to find future success in Maine’s workforce!

December 7: Not only do our students hold part time jobs, they also learn to plan and prepare meals on a budget.  Your help will support culinary instruction, healthy meals for our students, practical skills development AND lifelong healthy eating habits for young people in Maine.

December 8: Have you ever been to our Opportunity Farm campus? We’re on the highest point in Cumberland County, overlooking fields and woods and rolling hills. It’s beautiful! And this year, our gardens are beautiful, too.  We grew corn and kale and peas and tomatoes, garlic and pumpkins and more. We canned our own produce and raised chickens and ducks and learned skills that will last a lifetime.  We even shared some of our produce with local low- income seniors, and we’re ready to do it all again next year! We’re always in need of seeds and soil and garden supplies, and your donation can help keep us growing into the future.

December 9: As the weather gets colder, we’re super happy to have our new wood gasification burner, donated by ReVision Energy and installed by ReVision Heat.  But even though we’re cutting our oil use in half, we can always use help with our winter heating costs.

December 10: Each day we transport our students to their work sites, to doctor’s appointments and to countless other activities, including weekend camping trips, visits to art galleries and more.  This puts a lot of wear and tear on our school vans, and we are always looking for people who can help with auto maintenance costs.

December 11: Did you know our Passages Program for teen parents now serves students in 8 Maine counties?  It’s true!  And one thing those parents really need? Diapers.  Also blankets, hats, mittens and other baby supplies.

December 12: On the road to success, we want our students to be able to secure their driver’s licenses.  But many of them need help paying for driver’s ed classes.  You can help!

December 13: Help us spread the word by “liking” us on Facebook and sharing our posts!

December 14: For the past few years, we’ve taken a weekend trip to Boston to visit museums and see the sights. Your support helps provide cultural experiences like this-and creates memories that will last a lifetime!

December 15: We are always in need of volunteers, including evening math tutors!

December 16: Even though the work we do is new and innovative and exciting, it sometimes requires some pretty basic supplies: photocopier copier paper, stamps, you name it, we can use it!

December 17: We also rely heavily upon technology.  Your support can help cover computer and internet costs, including mobile “hot spots” for Passages students.

December 18: Keeping our 350 acre Opportunity Farm campus running means a whole lot of mowing, plowing and building maintenance. Your support helps keep our farm looking beautiful.

December 19: One thing we do a lot of is camping.  We camp at Acadia, we camp at Cobscook State Park, we camp all over Maine.  And we’re always in need of tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor gear.

December 20: Did you know that our Residential students tour colleges throughout Maine and New England as part of their post-graduation planning?  Your support helps get us there!

December 21: On weekends you can often find us sledding, skating, swimming, hiking or enjoying other beautiful (and free) Maine experiences.  But once in awhile, we need spending money for trips to the movies, the bowling alley or out for ice cream.  You support makes our weekend adventures even better!

December 22:  Books, books, books & more books. Even though our students consistently describe us as “more than just a school,” we are, indeed, a school, and we can always use help purchasing  curriculum materials and supplies!

December 23: Did you know each of our Residential students studies American Sign Language? Your donation can help support this program.

December 24 & 25: Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!

December 26: Even though our Passages students receive individualized instruction in their own homes, they also attend monthly workshops with other teen parents and children.  Workshops focus on music, play, cooking, literacy, safety and more, and each workshop requires food, transportation and childcare.  Your donation will help provide all three!

December 27: It’s all about the education.  And not just for our students but for our staff, too. Your support can help provide trainings and workshops for our wonderful teaching staff.

December 28: This year our students are learning to cook and sew, to play music and make amazing art.  They are studying theater and and they’re even working with the new Circus Conservatory in Portland! Your donation will help support our growing arts curriculum.

December 29: There are a lot of expenses involved in feeding and housing teenagers.  Every little bit helps!

December 30: Don’t forget to make your year end tax deductible donation!

December 31: Happy New Year from Wayfinder Schools!

Thank you for your support!