Banjos, Ukeleles, Guitars, Hula Hooping Violinists & Dramatic Readings of The New England Poultry Journal. You just never know what you’ll find at our annual Gamfest!

Posted on Monday May 18, 2015

Once upon a time, when two ships would encounter each other at sea, their sailors might swap stories or musical talents in what was sometimes called a Gam.

We have carried that tradition forward by bringing our two campuses together each year in what has fondly become known as Gamfest, a unique display of the staggering talents of Wayfinder students and staff.

And this year was no exception…from accordion, banjo, ukelele, mandolin, and guitar to dramatic readings of “The Caterpillar who Thought He was a Mustache” and The February 1906 New England Poultry Journal, you just never know what hidden talents you’ll find on display.

This year’s festivities included poems by (and inspired by) Pablo Neruda, a medley of Broadway Musical tunes by Cathy, and, in a new twist…a one minute challenge between Zach and Sable to see who could attach the most clothespins to their face before the buzzer went off.

The winner?  Read on…

cliff myranda dylanCliff, Myranda and Dylan appeared in several musical numbers

accordianCarrie playing Leonard Cohen on acordion

elisabeth & fiston poemElisabeth and Fiston, reading original poems inspired by Pablo Neruda. Read Fiston’s poem inspired by The Book of Questions, here: Fiston’s Book of Questions Poem

alex readingAlex, reading from the February 1906 New England Poultry Journal. Watch the video!

crystalCrystal, reading from an amended version of “The Caterpillar Who Thought He Was a Mustache”

cathyCathy, delighting the crowd with tunes from The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof and Mary Poppins

papi guitarPapi on guitar

rose violin

Rose on violin and hula hoop!  Watch here!

allieAllie on banjo

rakeem danceRakeem dancing to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Plus we heard Faith & Erika on ukelele; Joseph on guitar; Kara singing a Russian folk song, and Margo, Shannon & Elijah reading more beautiful poems…

Here’s Ian, balancing large objects on one finger…

ian broom

And finally, the clothespin competition…

clothespins 2. jpg

The competition heats up…

happy clothespins

More Clothespins!

And the winner was…

zach pins

Zach! With 24 clothespins.