Grant from Ronald McDonald House Charities connects Wayfinder with new technology

Posted on Tuesday June 23, 2015

A generous grant from Ronald McDonald House Charities provided new laptops for Wayfinder students and staff this year–the first time the school has ever received a gift of new technology for both programs (Passages and Residential) across three program sites (Camden, New Gloucester and Machias).

Not only did this grant provide students with the new technology needed to reach their goals, it also helped integrate all three campus sites, improve ease of communication among staff at different sites, connect students living in rural and remote areas, and fully integrate the curriculum.

“We are so grateful to Ronald McDonald House Charities for their incredible support this year,” said Head of Schools Dr. Dorothy Foote. “We have long needed updated, integrated technology for our students as they strive to reach their graduation goals and prepare for future success in Maine’s workforce. This grant helped tell these kids they are important, their learning is important, and we value them as learners.”

Program staff was also pleased with the new machines and Residential Program Director Joseph Hufnagel cited their role in helping students improve their research, create multi-media projects and remain in clear communication with their teachers.

Meanwhile, Passages Program Director Martha Kempe was particularly pleased with the ability to connect Passages students who often live in rural areas of the state.  “Our students receive regular home visits from their teachers,” Kempe said, “but between visits, they work independently, from their own homes. Having access to reliable technology is key to our program success. We are thrilled to be the recipients of this very generous grant from Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maine.”

faith computerFaith McQuatters, musician, writer & future fashion designer, working on her new computer, provided by a generous grant from Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maine.