Our new student blog! The first week of school, by Marissa

Posted on Thursday September 24, 2015

Tuesday, 9/15

Today was a busy day for the students at Wayfinder in Camden! Everyone got their library cards and we already applied for our memberships at the YMCA. We all had to take an Accuplacer test as well, it looks like the school year is really picking up now. Thankfully though, after all of this work, we all got to have a delicious dinner of Shepherds Pie!

dinnerWednesday, 9/16

     Today some of the students started working at their Career Exploration sites and        getting on track with how the schedule this year will really be once everything gets finalized. We all had our first class and homework assignment as well, and I’m happy to say that it was a success!

   Thursday, 9/17

     The day started off with a beautiful hike and a view over-looking the ocean today. I personally thought that it was a great start to the day. When everyone got back from career exploration sites, we all had a delicious taco bar lunch with staff, it was awesome! We had our first community circle after that, which let everyone get to know each other a little better. Another exciting thing that happened was that we got our Volunteer shirts and information for the International Film Festival this weekend, it’s
going to be exciting!

CIFF 2Friday, 9/18

Today has been more of a relaxing day for us students today. We started off the day with our first art class with Alexis, which was really fun! We learned a lot about monotypes and did you know, the little rollers are called brayers? Little tip though, don’t leave the paper on the ink for too long while making your design. Otherwise, the paper will rip, Jenny learned that one the hard way. Then we came home, and did a science lab, where we all learned about chlorophyll. Tonight we are going to have a delicious spaghetti dinner, go swimming, and see a documentary film as part of the Camden International Film Festival. A successful day I’d say.

splashSaturday, 9/19

A great start to the morning was breakfast, at least in my opinion. We had delicious French toast, with sliced apples. A few hours after that, we traveled to Belfast for lunch and got our choice of pizza, a burger, or sub, etc. It was really great to get out and see what other places have to offer. Thankfully it was kind of a chill day until about five, when us students volunteered at CIFF, one group of students at the Camden Opera House, and the other at the Strand in Rockland. It was a late night, but we came back and had some time to hangout before we crashed.


Sunday, 9/20

We got to sleep in this morning, which I was thankful for since last night was long and tiring after the festival. The day started off really easy and relaxing, we even had pizza for lunch! A while after lunch some students walked into town and we went to a local ice cream shop and got ice cream and milkshakes. Since it was such a beautiful day out, we walked around town a bit before heading back.


Monday, 9/21

This morning we went on a beautiful walk down to the water. It was really nice to get some fresh air and be active before the day got into full swing. After that some students went to their career exploration sites, then we had our first reading class, and green initiatives class, which was actually pretty interesting!

night sign