Student Blog Post #2, by Justin!

Posted on Wednesday September 30, 2015

Excerpts from the second week of school, by Justin: Cooking, heading off to work sites, visiting Bowdoin College, welcoming a new student & more!

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Tuesday 9/22 This morning we all went to the beach and walked along the water and skipped rocks. Then some students went to their career exploration sites as normal and some went to new exploration sites. Then we went to Bowdoin College to listen to a graduate speak about the “ Black Lives Matter” movement in Ferguson, MO. It was a really Interesting day!
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Wednesday 9/23 Today, students went to their career explorations sites as usual, and then we watched a movie during one of our classes about how people’s pay continuously is being dropped lower since the 1970’s, and we had Brian’s big brother come in for dinner. Brian had prepared bacon meatloaf with mashed potatoes and salad.


Thursday 9/24 Today was very exciting! We all welcomed our new classmate, and new friend to the school! Her name is Allissa Pete! She’s very interesting and funny and she should fit in perfectly here with the rest of us! Also some students’ families came to the house for a lunch. It was a great day!

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