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Posted on Wednesday January 6, 2016

Autumn Berry’s Blog  

December 13th to December 18th

It was Christmas Day!!!  But not like December 25th…it was our own Christmas, before break. We woke up and went to Saint Joseph’s house (Wayfinder Schools Director of Residential Programs Joseph Hufnagel). Amy (Joseph’s wife) had coffee and tea waiting for us. We ate donuts and candy canes. Then people started showing up for the Christmas Party, so we walked back to the house.

 I started greeting people as they arrived. As soon as you walked in the house, you could smell the bacon and other breakfast foods. Everyone was smiling and laughing. It was so nice to see everyone in a good mood.

The living room was full of presents, happy faces and full tummies. Some of the other roommates and I could not wait to open presents!!

I am so grateful of all the gifts, and to have these people in my life!!

After we exchanged gifts, we received gifts!! They were from amazing people like Mary Seaman, Jamie, Megan and Holly Mitchell, and from St. Barts.

Before we all could sit and wait for our rides home, we had to clean our house because we can’t leave our wonderful house looking messy. Students’ rides started coming and the house became more and more empty.

 …But it’s nice to get away and get to see our friends and families.