Breanna’s Open House Speech. Read it here!

Posted on Saturday March 18, 2017

reny and breanna

Pictured above, L-R: Residential student Serenity Brezler, Passages Teacher Erica Gates and Passages Graduate Breanna Moody at our March 2017 Open House in Camden

Breanna Moody’s Open House Speech, March 16, 2017

Breanna gave this speech to a crowd of close to forty people gathered at Wayfinder Schools’ Camden Campus

“Thank you all for joining us tonight. I’m Breanna Moody, a 2016 graduate of the Passages Program. I want to share with you this evening my experiences and opportunities while in a program that means so much to me and helped me become the person I am today. I was 17 when I started the Passages Program in October of 2015.  I was 20 weeks pregnant.

As a young mother and student, a few of the biggest challenges for me were balancing school, learning to be a mother, and a becoming a productive member of the community. Passages helped me with all of this. Not only was I able to learn to manage time but I learned to manage my money. My teacher, Erica Gates, taught me how to budget and helped me find the most effective way for me.

During my time in the Passages Program, I participated in the Lullaby Project, became certified in first aid and CPR and just months before graduating I enrolled in a CNA certification program and was employed two months prior to graduating. It wasn’t easy balancing all of this but looking back on my experience I know my motivation and determination to succeed as well as the help I got from my teacher and other staff members allowed me achieve more than I had ever thought I could.

As I mentioned before, I was a part of Carnegie Hall’s Lullaby Project (with Bay Chamber Concerts & Music School). I was able to work with musicians Matt and Stephanie Fogg to write a lullaby that we eventually called “Hadley’s Song.” My lullaby ended up being picked to be played by musicians at Carnegie Hall in New York. The Lullaby Project was the most memorable thing I did and I enjoyed the musicians and the fact I now have a special song I can forever share with my daughter.

While a part of the Passages Program I also volunteered at the soup kitchen in Rockland. It felt great to give back to people and I learned that it actually feels better to give rather than to take. Erica was also there and volunteered with me.

While working on my Passage (the final project for graduation), I also had the chance to go to a Toast master’s meeting and present my final project, which was a speech about being a teen parent. I was awarded as the first place speaker that night.

It took me one year and eight months to graduate with my high school diploma and since that day in June 2016, I have done many things. I am working full time as a CNA at Windward Gardens here in Camden, a job that I have had for one year this month. I am a single mother who is confident in managing my time with work, parenting and making time for myself. My daughter will be two this week and is becoming a wild and crazy two-year-old, just as she should be. I love feeling like I can be the role model that Hadley deserves. For this I thank the Passages Program and flexibility I was able to have as a student and a mother.”