Our NYC Blog! By student Magen Bongomin.

Posted on Monday April 24, 2017

Five Days in NYC. By Magen Bongomin.

Day 1


We woke up and had our stuff in the vans and we departed at nine. We ate our lunch on the road where we sang along to show tunes. When we got to the place we were staying we got our room assignments. We ate dinner and then went to the skyline where we kicked a soccer ball around and took pictures.

magen first night  reny first night  jos first night alissa first night


Day 2

We woke up at seven and ate breakfast and were out the door by eight. We went to Legal Grounds where we got coffee and hot chocolate. Then we took a ferry to Ellis Island and Liberty Island. The first time we landed in Manhattan we landed in Battery Park. We went to the Tenement Museum where we learned about immigration. Then we went on our food tour which lasted about a few days. We ate some good doughnuts and also great pickles and dumplings. We bought two ducks which would be our dinner that night. Later we went on our first PATH train which was crowded and we had to squish together. Cathy made a good duck soup with Elisabeth’s help. We ended our day with a circle.

alissa jos magen ferry  devin reny    jos and al  statue

Day 3

We woke up at seven and were out by eight as usual. We went on the PATH train and we met up with Elisabeth’s family. Elisabeth’s dad told us a lot about the Brooklyn Bridge as we walked across it. Then we walked around Brooklyn and ate lunch at Roberta’s. After devouring 18 pizzas we got a tour of a roof garden. Then we hopped on a train and went to the MOMA. We were at the MOMA for two hours and then went to the Highline. We were at the Highline ‘til we reached Chelsea Market for dinner. By this time everyone had had enough of walking and wanted to go home. Then we had a circle to talk about the MOMA. After that we went to bed and everyone passed out.

brdige 3  happy brooklyn bridge  more bridge  hussan bridge  

Day 4

We helped out the old folks who couldn’t leave their houses. We split up into four groups and went to get food to the old folks. Some of the old folks were talkative some were not. After that we split into two groups and went to Central Park. There was a slow group and an active group some took naps and some didn’t. The other group visited some of Central Park’s museums. After that we ended up at Astor Place where we spun the cube while we waited for some group members. Magen got her nail job complimented on. After that we went to dinner at Milon’s and ate many different foods and celebrated Sean’s birthday with ice cream. After that we explored St. Mark’s Place; a street with unique stores. Not much was bought in St. Mark’s place but we had fun nonetheless. Then we went home for circle and bed.

devin bench

Day 5

We awoke and hopped on the train to the World Trade Center where we visited Ground Zero to honor the fallen. And after that we explored the area near Broadway before we saw School of Rock. We split into two groups again the slow group and the active group. Some visited the cathedral and some visited the Empire State Building. When we were done we went to Broadway where we saw the School of Rock. Afterwards we got a back stage tour where Magen got so excited to find out that the star of the show went to her old school! After that we went to Times Square and took pictures and then we hopped on a train and went home.

  everyone sor aliss and jos school of rock  cath dev sor  more sor 2

Thank you to all who made this trip possible for us!

cath times sq copy  magen times sq  jos oren times sq  everyone times sq